A Guide To Combating Stinky Feet

Jun 12, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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After a long day, the last thing you need is to take off your shoes and get the most repulsive smell! But sometimes you can’t help what happens in your shoes, especially if you’ve been quite active in them!


We all know the smell, someone takes their shoes off, and you immediately start planning your escape! It’s not really the most flattering thing to happen to you.

When you have an issue with smelly feet walking into a shoeless home, it can be quite embarrassing! So here’s how you can get rid of those smelly toes.

Take Care Of Your Feet



Make sure to wash your feet while you’re in the shower and scrub in between your toes. Don’t forget to use soap, so your feet are left smelling fresh and clean!

Dry your feet and get all the water between your toes! When your skin is left moist, it becomes a breeding ground for fungi that can make your feet smelly!



Keep your toenails trimmed! Long nails provide a space for bacteria to grow, so while you’re washing your feet, give your nails a good scrub, especially underneath those toenails!

Get rid of the dead skin! Dead skin makes your feet look all dry and hard, but when it’s wet, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria! So file your feet and keep them nice and smooth!




Change your socks every day! Your feet are sweaty, and the sweat collects on your socks, so make sure to change your socks often!

Sticking to one pair of shoes means you’re sweating and making the same shoe moist every day without giving it a chance to breathe! Wet shoes are an ideal space for bacteria to grow, so alternate your shoes!




Wear sandals, especially in warm weather! Allowing your feet to breathe is key to keeping them from getting smelly!

You can also find a deodorant for your feet and shoes to keep them from smelling. They’re helpful, especially when you need to wear closed shoes and it’s really warm!



Exfoliate your feet often enough to get rid of the dead skin cells. Not only will it leave your feet silky soft, but it will also keep them from smelling!

You can easily get rid of the funky smells coming from your feet with the proper care. Hopefully, your toes start smelling fresh soon!

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