A Guide To Coping With Renewed Stress & Anxiety

Apr 03, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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When you’re riddled with anxiety, it’s challenging to focus and function normally. With the pandemic around, it can get difficult to manage your stress levels because we’re faced with so much uncertainty!


Our fight-or-flight responses have been triggered all year long. Anytime we hear someone cough or sneeze in public, we want to bolt in the other direction to keep our loved ones and us safe.

It might seem like sometimes we’re living in a never-ending pit of despair, but when things get tough, we need a few ways to cope with renewed stress and anxiety. Here are a few things that might help.

Changing Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones

Shutterstock By Brian A Jackson

Shutterstock By Brian A Jackson


The voice in your head can be so intimidating; sometimes, we forget that it's just a part of our imagination that can’t control us! So when your voice tells that you can’t do it, remember that you’re in control and make that voice say you’ve got this!

If you’re struggling to convince yourself to be kinder or have trouble thinking positively, then talking to a therapist can help you use therapeutic methods to transform those negative thoughts into positive ones.

Invest In A Weighted Blanket


It might sound like something strange, but research has shown that weighted blankets help reduce stress and anxiety feelings. It can even help those who struggle with insomnia!

If you’re alone and in need of hugs, a weighted blanket can provide you with the feeling of being hugged, precisely what you need when the world gets a bit much! We’ve even found weighted cooling blankets perfect for the summer right here!

Indulge In Something Binge-Worthy

Shutterstock By Said Marroun

Shutterstock By Said Marroun


Sometimes the best thing to do when we’re frazzled with worry is to go back to something that calms us, and keeping it on can help us focused on the familiarity of it whether it’s a song, movie, book, or TV series, if it soothes you it's helping!

Since everything remains uncertain amid this pandemic and other issues that plague the world, we can always find comfort in familiar things because we know what’s about to happen next.


Shutterstock By New Africa

Shutterstock By New Africa


Everyone’s always on about how self-care is more than face masks and pamper sessions, and while eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping well is essential, sometimes a little pamper sesh is exactly what we need!

Turn the music up, break out your facemasks, and electric massagers to help relax. Your muscles hold a lot of tension in your body, so why not treat them to a massage and help release it!

Get Creative


If you’re not artsy, there’s always something for you! You might not be the next Picasso, but coloring and painting can help calm your busy mind.

By forcing your brain to focus on an easy task in front of you, you can distract yourself from worrying thoughts. It doesn’t have to be traditional forms of art; you can easily redecorate a room or write short stories!

Do Absolutely Nothing

Shutterstock By Dragon Images

Shutterstock By Dragon Images

That’s right, NOTHING! We tend to keep ourselves constantly engaged, with work, online shopping, exercising, scrolling through social media, you name it!


By taking a step back from our devices and just standing aside to seize the moment, the view, even daydream, we’re allowing our minds to relax! Your body would be exhausted if it was overworked as much as the mind is, so take it in and do absolutely nothing!