A Guide To Creating Hydrated & Defined Curls Using The Loc Method

Apr 03, 2021
04:00 P.M.
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Curlyheads, unless you have been living under a rock, you may have heard of the LOC method. The results shown on Instagram may leave you lusting after the juicy results. Therefore, if you wish to achieve the same desirable results, keep scrolling.


So what is the LOC method? It stands for leave-in, oil, and cream and is a method geared toward infusing your hair with ultimate moisture. Furthermore, the words are a mnemonic device meaning it is arranged to help you remember the order.

Moreover, sticking to it will mean your dehydrated curls will be adequately hydrated. All you need are the proper methods, know-how to achieve perfectly bouncy curls without mistakes. Let’s get to it using our handy guide.

Step 1: Determine Your Porosity


The LOC method is suited to textured curls and coils. However, it is perfect for those with high porosity hair. High porosity hair is hair that struggles to keep moisture in despite how quick it up takes water.

Moreover, before you get ahead with any product on your hair endure you do a patch test. This means try out all the products on the back of your hand, mixing them. If it balls up, the products probably don’t match well. Grab a paddle brush, some sectioning clips, and let’s begin.

Step 2: Leave-In Conditioner


First, ensure you are working on cleansed and hydrated hair. The method you shall use is the praying hands method, meaning you should have the hair between your palms as you apply the product.

Therefore, section your soaking wet hair and take a dollop of your leave-in conditioner through each section. Make sure your leave-in is a cream, milk, or water-based formula. These add even more moisture to your hair.

Step 3: Oil


Be careful with oils. The more heavy-handed you are, the more your hair is likely to be weighed down and greasy. Take a light layer onto your hair, making sure you only use a small amount on each section.

Oils with emulsifiers are better for application as opposed to regular hair oil. Emulsifying oil means the oil and water will mix well instead of just sitting on top of your hair shaft. There are various oils that work well, but choose those that work effectively with your porosity.

Step 4: Cream


The point of oils is to revitalize your curls into their bounciest state. Cream not only seals in moisture but creates extra definition to your hair as well. The product choices when choosing creams do not matter as much because the product that works for you should define your texture.

Apply a small amount of the creams into sections, as earlier stated. Everyone’s hair will react differently, so use your estimation on how much more it needs. After, take a diffuser to your hair and watch as your curls pop.

Step 5: Frequency


You can do the LOC method every time you do a wash and go. However, your washing sessions should not go further than a week to add moisture. If so, you risk product buildup, and this will feel like your hair is dry.

Therefore, wash your hair weekly, and if your hair is dry, make sure you cleanse your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Also, make sure you are getting enough water on your hair through your products. Water should always be an ingredient to infuse your strands with water.