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A Guide To Creating Realistic Faux Freckles


May 21, 2021

For some years now, on social media, faux freckles have been a pretty popular makeup trend. They make your face look fresh and natural and have been recreated in various ways.

Faux freckles make you think of summer and are no longer seen as an aesthetic defect but make makeup look chic. Making faux freckles is easy, and there are methods for every skill and need.

Those who don't have them want them, and those who have them often can't stand them. These tiny spots on the skin of the face have become an absolute "must": here's how to recreate them when Mother Nature didn't give us them.

Making Faux Freckles With Makeup

With the makeup, we will be able to make freckles that look real. It will be enough to have few manual skills and a brow pencil to get a very natural result. Get a brown eye or eyebrow pencil in the shade of your skin. For those with very fair skin, choose a light brown color.

After completing the face makeup, use the pencil to create small and irregularly shaped dots, focusing mainly on the areas where freckles usually appear, such as cheekbones and nose. At this point, to give the freckles a more natural look, apply a few drops of concealer, tapping it on the freckles to dilute the color of the pencil and adjust the tone.

How To Make Freckles With A Face Tanner

You can also achieve fake freckles with self-tanner. The most suitable products are sprays, but you can also use a self-tanner in cream or mousse. After cleaning your face thoroughly, spray the self-tanner on a saucer and pick up some product with a very fine-tipped brush, such as those used to apply eyeliner.

Then, tap the brush on the areas of the face where you want to make the freckles, and for an even more natural effect, press lightly on the spots you just made with your index finger. When performing these steps, remember not to be too precise: freckles are naturally irregular. 

Using Henna

Using henna allows you to get longer-lasting fake freckles than other methods without damaging the skin, being a natural product. Henna can also be used to decorate different parts of the body, such as the hands, and by the same principle, you can use it effectively to create fake freckles.

But even here, you must choose the right color and the times of pose. In addition, you can decide to use both pre-made and ready-made henna, but it is essential to purchase a good quality product made only with natural ingredients. 

After applying a moisturizer to your face, pick up small amounts of henna with a small brush or toothbrush and press them lightly on the areas of your face where you want to create freckles. Wait at least two hours for it to dry thoroughly, then cleanse your face thoroughly. 

If the freckles are too light, remember to wait until the next day to go over them, as the color may darken slightly as the hours go by. This method to create fake and natural freckles is undoubtedly the most lasting. With this method, the freckles will last even more than a week.

Tattoo The Freckles


A recently born beauty treatment following the trend of fake freckles is Freckling. Similar to microblading, but this time not applied to the eyebrows, but directly to the face. Yes, that's just how you think: this is a real freckle tattoo. Micro-stitches are performed on the skin, and a small amount of ink is released. 

Since this is an actual cosmetic operation, after having performed it, you may see swelling in the affected area, do not be scared. It will pass in a short time. Once back to normal, the skin will be studded with many small spots you have always wanted to see.