A Guide To Ensuring Your Suit Is Wrinkle Free Before Leaving Home

Are you tired of running to the dry cleaners the night before an important appointment because you don’t dare iron your suit yourself? The suit is easily one of the essential pieces in your wardrobe. 

It is your favorite item whenever you need to look your best. Unfortunately, like all clothes, they will eventually develop wrinkles during multiple wear and tear. The best-known method of getting rid of wrinkles is to send your jacket to the cleaner for professional pressing. 

And without a doubt, this gives the best result, because they have the equipment and the experience to do the job well. But if you are in haste, how do you overcome this problem?

What You Need To Steam Your Suit


You want to ensure that your jacket is free of stains and dirt. Heat and steam can cause permanent stains. Also, use only distilled water in your steamer, as tap water can leave a buildup of sediment that would reduce the steamer’s efficiency over time.

You also need to make sure your iron is clean (as it can leave stains if rust or sediment builds up). Test for this by ironing a white cloth to see if it will leave stains. To remove the sediment buildup, you will use a solution of 50% vinegar and distilled water via the steaming function.

How To Steam A Suit Using A Steamer

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Having a steamer is a great way to get this done with ease. You will need to hang your jacket up to steam it. Use only hangers with broad shoulders. You can hang your coat in your wardrobe if there is enough room. Hanging it from your shower curtain rod also works well.

To get started, fill your steamer with distilled water and turn it on. Allow heating completely for two-three minutes. You will steam the jacket in sections by pulling on the fabric before resting the steamer head on the material. 


Slowly move the steamer back and forth while pressing the trigger to release steam every few seconds. If the wrinkles don’t come out, you may be moving the steamer too quickly.

The main areas that will likely require your attention will be the elbows, back of the jacket, and maybe a few spots on the jacket’s front. Be careful not to overheat, as using too much steam around the seams can cause them to lose their shape. It is a simple method to get rid of wrinkles. And the risk of damaging the jacket is very low.

How To Steam Your Suit Using An Iron

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Most suits are made from delicate fabrics like wool, which a hot iron can easily damage. To protect your jacket from burns or shiny marks, you will place a piece of cloth between the iron and the jacket. To get started, set your iron to the correct heat setting for your fabric. 

Always check the care label on your suit to make sure you don’t damage the fabric. Use low heat for synthetic materials, low to medium heat for wools, and high heat for linen and cotton. Increase the temperature slowly if necessary.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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