A Guide To Faking The Perfect Mirror Selfie Like Influencers

Mar 19, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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There are numerous Instagram picture poses, but none are as universal as the mirror selfie. We’ve learned the secret to a perfect mirror selfie, and to our shock, we realized it doesn’t involve any mirrors.


If you’ve scrolled through Instagram over the past twelve months or so, you’ll notice one common trend. Almost every Instagram influencer has a mirror selfie that is so perfect that it landed you on this article.

We’ve all wondered how these influencers get their angles so spot on and their mirrors so clean. Finally, we’ve dug up the secret weapon to the perfect mirror selfie, and you’ll be surprised to know the hack.

Exploring The Mirror Selfie


Mirror selfies are one of the most popular types of images you will find on Instagram. The typical Instagram user would stumble across some fantastic lighting and snap a photo of their reflection.

Nothing out of the ordinary goes into taking a mirror selfie image, but we all know its challenges. Mirrors are household items, so they get dirty, can be small, and sometimes the lousy lighting spot is the only space they have.


The challenges mentioned above factor in how good the quality of a mirror selfie can be. Most of the time, users are not trying to perfect their mirror snaps but instead want to share a casual shot with friends.

However, influencers have a different plan for their Instagram pages and need everything to look pristine. Thus, the suspiciously spotless, large mirror and always fantastic lighting reflection selfie was born.

The Fake Mirror Selfie


With the rise of casual posting, more people have been sharing candid shots from their days online. These posts include everything from pictures of food, other fun items, and simple mirror selfies.

As mentioned above, mirror selfies have a few tell-tale signs of imperfection now and then. Suspiciously, some influencers never have a mirror frame or a single dust speck on their casual reflection pictures.


Not all influencers may have huge mirrors that stay spotless in great lighting at all times. Kara Del Toro, a model, and an influencer, recently posted a TikTok video to reveal the mirror selfie mystery.

In the video, Kara reveals that the mirror selfies have been fake the entire time. According to Kara, influencers use a spare camera or phone on a tripod to take their crisp mirror selfies to post online.

How To Take A Fake Mirror Selfie


Influencer culture received a lot of backlash over the pandemic, which has forced them to be more relatable. Staged photoshoots seemed more pretentious and inaccessible, so they turned to casual posts instead.

However, the need for influencers to present as more accessible didn’t change their need for perfection. The quick and casual mirror selfie has turned into a planned photoshoot and the help of a spare camera.


All you need to achieve the perfect fake mirror selfie is a camera or phone, a tripod, and a backdrop. Set your scene in the ideal lighting, put your spare camera on a self-timer, and snap with your phone in the frame.

If you’re going super influencer mode, you can edit your images before uploading them. Now that you know, you can do with the information what you want; we’re just glad to know that our mirrors aren’t the problem.