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A Guide To Feeling Sexier Naked


June 07, 2021

The truth for many people is that when they look at their reflection in the mirror or down at their bodies, many are unhappy with what they see.

Feeling sexier when you're naked and can translate through to the way you carry yourself throughout the day. It's that bit of inner confidence that radiates through your smile and that spring in your step.

Unfortunately, many people aren't happy with how they feel when they're not wearing clothing. From concerns about a soft belly, stretch marks, scars, dark inner thighs, or armpits, these are just some of the things people see before they see the miraculous beauty in how their skin retains water, or how their feet carry and all the other amazing bodily functions that keep us moving and grooving. Here are some ways you can start to feel more confident in your skin.


Release The Idea Of What Your Body 'Should' Look Like 

One of the most valuable takeaways from the body positivity movement is the diverse nature of beauty. Beauty is diverse, and it's with everyone.

Don't be shy to look at the mirror sometimes and look at your body without putting on society's expectations. You can do this after stepping out of the shower before you get dressed. It's okay if it feels weird; you're the only one around. 

Affirm Yourself 

Say nice things to yourself about yourself. Every morning and throughout the day, remind yourself of at least one thing you appreciate about your body. 

Do this as often as you like. Some days it might feel tougher, and you might not believe yourself, but do it anyways and then walk around like it's true. 

Establish A Body Care Routine 

Ashley Graham noted in an interview with "Popsugar" that she enjoys using self-tanning as part of her body care because it helps her feel sexy.

Establishing a body care routine can help you get better acquainted with yourself while also giving a full-body skin glow. You can incorporate a luxury oil, body exfoliator, use body makeup, anything that makes you feel like hot stuff, do it. You can make a whole thing of it put on a feel-good playlist.

Recognize Your Critical Thoughts

Everyone has occasional critical thoughts that try to convince you that, essentially, you're not good enough. Critical self-talk likes to root itself in a "possibly true" scenario.

The voice might try to remind you of the time you were rejected to prove that you aren't beautiful. But that voice is never right, and it's just trying to hold you back from being your most confident self.


Take Care Of Yourself 

What we put into our bodies is very important. Ensure that your body is getting the right nutrients to keep it at optimum and that you're (say it with me) staying hydrated.

Along with staying well-nourished, move your body. Go outside, do some yoga, go for a swim when you're alone, put on a sexy playlist, and twerk in your undies. Let go of yourself, get out of your head whenever you can, and celebrate your amazing body.