A Guide To Foreplay & Why It Is So Important

It’s not just a silly teenager sexual experience moment. Foreplay is a critical part of building an excellent foundation for your relationship!

As a couple, foreplay is an integral part of a relationship! It doesn’t even need to lead to sex; it can be the main event itself.

Of all sexual acts, it’s mainly aimed at pleasure and not your own! This selfless act can lead to building a stronger relationship while pleasuring your partner in different ways!

Why Is It Important?


Foreplay helps you get in the mood; even if your libido has been low from stress, the cortisol, dopamine, and oxytocin release from kissing alone can lower the stress hormone, so fooling around with your partner is sure to awaken the sexual prowess within!

By engaging in foreplay, you can increase the emotional intimacy in your relationship. While having sex leaves very little chance to talk, foreplay is all about the talk! All the communication you want and need is found in a simple act, all at your partner’s leisure and pleasure!


Foreplay is great for getting the body prepared for sex itself. Your physical response to being around during foreplay includes a rush to the penis and vagina.

This leads to a harder erection and more lubrication for a more pleasurable experience! Here are a few tips for incorporating foreplay into your sex life.

1. Dirty Talk

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

It might be embarrassing but describing what you want or what you’re going to do to your partner is quite erotic! Be as graphic as you can, and tell them just how much it’s going to excite you to do all the things you want!

And if you want to make it more interesting, you can do it through the phone! Yes, old-school sexting is fantastic when it comes to arousing your partner from afar. Be it in the same house or from the office; the anticipation will drive them wild!

2. Set The Mood


There’s nothing more erotic than the perfect scene to get down and dirty too. The flattering light of candles and petals spread across the room can make it all the more exciting, just like the way you imagined your first time!

And with loads of playlists, set the mood with the right song that makes your partner want to dive right in! You can dance or even striptease to the right music; the sheer electricity from your bodies brushing together might start a fire!

3. Touching


It doesn’t always have to be the genitals; we all have plenty of places we like to be touched when we’re in the mood. So find your partner’s erogenous zones and pay special attention to them.

If you’re in the mood to spoil and tease your partner, get some oils and use them to treat your partner to an amazing massage focusing on their erogenous zones. You can also incorporate a sexy spread with strawberries and cream or chocolate, or both, and include eating off each other as a form of play!

4. Toys


Not all toys are just for penetration. The market is saturated with toys aimed at pleasure for different parts of the body. Vibrators are one of the few versatile toys available that can stimulate all erogenous zones.

But if toys aren’t really for you, you can use things like ice or feathers to stimulate your partner’s sensors and get them heated up!

5. Oral Sex


Using your mouth, especially your tongue, to elicit pleasure on your partner is a common way to experiment with foreplay. Focusing on the clitoral hood above the clitoris and the frenulum where the penis shaft meets the head are great focus points for oral stimulation.

But while your mouth is busy, you can use your hands to stimulate other areas for added pleasure! And where protection is necessary, you can use the variety of condoms and dental dams available!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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