A Guide To Incorporate Honey Into Our Beauty Routines

May 30, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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Honey is fantastic in tea, desserts, salad dressings, and even skincare routines. The sweet and sticky substance is one of the best natural ingredients for the skin, claiming its spot as the queen B of beauty.


Natural beauty ingredients have been having a moment recently, and honey is one that we can’t miss. Most of us have honey in our pantries to enjoy as a sweetener for our meals, but it also works outside the kitchen.

Honey has several benefits that many are aware of since it is also great for gut health. Now that we know honey is also a beauty gem, we’ve decided to create a guide on incorporating it into our beauty routines.

A Few Facts About Honey


Honey is a natural humectant which means that it is an ingredient that draws moisture into the skin. This sweet bee nectar is produced by a combination of lice bacteria, enzyme activity, and plant matter.

Honey is also an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral ingredient, especially when raw and unpasteurized. The antibacterial properties of honey are so good that many cultures use it on wounds.

How Honey Benefits The Skin


The positive properties in raw and active honey span much wider than just keeping wounds from being infected. You can incorporate the ingredient in your beauty routine for several skincare benefits.

“It can be particularly beneficial for acne or blemish-prone skin. In fact, there have been clinical studies proving positive results both in lessening size and duration of blemishes,”

Says Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban


Honey helps moisturize, exfoliate, and cleanse the skin. Many use the sticky substance to treat acne, help reduce the appearance of scars and soothe some skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Honey also contains some hydrogen peroxide which gives it slight lightening properties. However, it is essential to pay mind to any allergies to bees, pollen, and bee venom before using honey on the skin.

How To Use Honey On Your Skin


There are many ways to use honey to nourish your skin, such as using it as a mask, a cleanser, or a scrub. The best part about incorporating honey into your skincare routine is how simple it is to fit into your regime.

If you want to use honey as a moisture-boosting mask, apply it on dry and clean skin and leave it on for 20 minutes. After that, gently massage the honey as you rinse it off your face with water and pat dry.


You can also use raw, crystallized honey as a gentle exfoliant by rubbing the substance on the skin in circular motions. Then, leave the honey on your skin for a few minutes before massaging it off with a wet towel.

You can also apply honey directly onto the affected area for fading scars, lightening spots, and spot treatments. Just let the honey sit on the area for one to two minutes and rinse it off with water.