A Guide To Keeping Fresh Flowers Alive Longer

A colorful bouquet of fresh flowers can bring life and vitality into a room. Unfortunately, it can be a short-lived joy if you’re not caring for your flowers.

Having a vase of fresh flowers in your place is a refreshing pleasure. They’re a difficult addition not to notice wherever they are.

However, many of us make the mistake of taking plants out of the packaging and straight into a vase of cold water that we might change two or three times over the two weeks that we might keep them. However, there are a few things you can do to stretch the like of your flowers; here are few techniques to try:

Prepare Your Vase For The Flowers

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Add lukewarm water with two tablespoons of sugar to your clean vase. The sugar is meant to help nourish your fresh flowers.

 Prepare Your Flowers For The Vase

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Start by cutting about two to three inches of the stems off with a pair of garden shears preferably or a sharp pair of scissors. Ensure to cut at an angle as this will help the flower take up water easier than if it’s cut flat. You may do this step while the stems are underwater because they can seal within a matter of minutes.

Prune any other additional leaves from the stem that will fall below the waterline. This will help prevent bacterial growth that spoils the water and turns it murky. Once you’ve put your flowers in a vase with water, always fish out any other leaves that fall into the water as well.

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Where you place your vase is also crucial to your plants’ longevity because you want to avoid having your flowers sitting in direct sunlight and away from heat.

Upkeep And Additives

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Arrange the flowers to your liking in the water. Make sure to change out the water daily instead of waiting to see it go low, as many of us might think to do.

If you want to add any other additives to help maintain your flowers for longer, you can add a flower food packet which you should add each time you change the water.

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A few drops of vodka is supposedly a good idea to keep your flowers happy. It’s said by doing this; you slow down the process of wilting through the alcohol’s ability to decrease ethylene production. That’s the gas responsible for maturing your plant.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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