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A Guide To Making The First Move When You Spot A Cute Guy

Women and men are meant to be seen as equals at everything, which also includes dating. Making the first move may not be the first instinct for a woman, but it is an ideal step to take. 

Men used to have the responsibility of asking a woman out, but those days are long gone. Everybody should be able to express how they feel about someone else and go for the connection they want. 

Several men have even shared that they love it when a woman makes the first move, so why are you waiting? Take a look at our guide on how to make the first move with a man so you can catch your crush’s attention. 

First Test The Waters

The fear of rejection is one of many things that can give one anxiety about asking their crush out. Checking if he answers texts and interacts with social media posts will let you know if he is on the same page as you. 

Observational Humor

If you are at the same place at the same time as your crush, you already have something in common. Make a light joke about the queue you’re standing in or the loud drunk at the bar to get your crush’s attention. 

Compliment Him

No one is immune to a good compliment, not even the person you think is the most confident in the world. You can try complimenting him about absolutely anything, as long as it is sincere and personal to him. 

Find The Right Setting

You can build yourself up to do something only to have it ruined by a distraction. This is where finding the right setting comes in handy. Take your crush on a stroll, a unique date, or go out for a drink to say the words. 


Body language is very important in showing someone how confident you are, and nothing is better than a smile. When you smile more, you will automatically be more relaxed, and your crush will feed off your energy. 


Get A Wing Woman

There is nothing shameful about putting your faith in a friend, especially when it comes to making a move. Confide in a close friend and see what strategies you can come up with collectively, even if it’s a coy setup.