A Guide To Managing Your Anger In Difficult Times

Sometimes you just get so angered by something, no matter how insignificant it is, that you can’t even contain it! But losing your cool is never flattering, especially when you’re in a room full of people.

You might not even notice how short your temper has become; maybe you’re pretty aware that you’re pretty fiery, especially while you’re driving! Sometimes being so fiery all the time can actually take a toll on our relationships.

Getting angry so quickly can easily affect your relationships; you might even find yourself arguing with your partner or even your child all the time. So how can you deal with your rage?

Hold your tongue


In the heat of the moment, you can say things that hurt someone else deeply, and that can even change your relationship dynamic. A key to avoiding the entire mess is just waiting till you’ve calmed down!

When you’re angry, you’re not thinking about what you’re saying, or maybe you’re even focused on saying things to hurt someone. Instead, calm yourself down and address the issue when you’re a little more level-headed.

Venting isn’t good for you.

You might be thinking venting is the only way you’re able to get things off your chest, but it’s actually just adding fuel to the fire! It’s even taking up time in your day thinking about the things that make you angry!

Sometimes talking about something that makes you angry is good for you, but it shouldn’t get you riled up to the point of anger. If you’re constantly thinking about things that get you riled up, maybe you should speak to a therapist who can help you deal with your anger!

Find what’s causing your anger.

You’re not always triggered by someone’s driving or even your co-workers chewing. Sometimes the problem lies within yourself, so figure out why you’re angry in the first place!

Could it be a lack of sleep, or maybe is it because your boundaries and feelings aren’t being respected? You can try avoiding anything that will trigger you and send you in a fit of rage or even make adjustments to your routine, so you get better rest!



Exercise is like the answer to all your problems; if you can’t sleep, exercise will tire you out! If you’re angry, exercise can help you release all that anger and leave you a lot calmer; it doesn’t have to be a kickboxing class, just a simple as a walk in the park!

Calming techniques


You can repeat a mantra, use breathing techniques, or even count down to help you center yourself, so you don’t get angry. Taking that time not to react might even let your anger subside and leave you calm!

Put yourself in their shoes.


Sometimes when we’re angry, it’s easy to forget that the other person is a living, breathing human. Take a moment to understand the person and also how they would feel if you spoke to them about something that angers you!

Anger is a healthy emotion, and you should be able to vent whenever you need to, but if it starts consuming every part of your life, it becomes unhealthy. Try practicing patience and understanding, but if you’re still struggling, speak to a therapist that can help you process these emotions better! 

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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