A Guide To The Best Low-Impact Exercises Worth Trying

While lockdown kept us out of the gyms or gave us some much-needed rest from exercise, it’s time to whip ourselves into shape. However, jumping right into high-intensity workouts may leave you wishing you had extended your exercise holiday. 

In comes low impact exercises. They are easy on the joints, unlike high-intensity activities like running. Moreover, you can do most low-impact workouts in the comfort of your own home. 

However, do not confuse low impact for less intensity. The exercises can still work up a sweat. Also, you can use them as an excellent foundation before advancing to a higher intensity. On that note, here is a guide to low-impact exercises you should try.


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Do not restrict yourself with this exercise. It can be done anywhere and needs no prior training as you can set your own pace. Take your walk indoors or outdoors at a pace you are comfortable at. If you find it hard to stick to, consider bringing a friend along. 


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Cycling is excellent for joints. It has no impact on them and is easy to do. Take your bike for a spin outside or use a stationary bike at home if you have one. Despite the low impact, you want to achieve a higher heart rate. Therefore, remember that the faster your pace, the higher your heart rate.


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Swimming is a fantastic lower body exercise. Not only does the buoyancy of the water support your weight, but it also elevates your heart rate and is an all-over muscle strengthener. Once it’s safe to do so, sign up at your local pool to get started.

Strength Training

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We know strength training doesn’t sound like a low-impact exercise. However, it is. It includes lifting weights, doing mountain climbers, and even using battle ropes bound to get you sweaty. Remember to research the proper form for excellent results. 


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If you have an actual rowboat, congratulations, all you have to do is jump in and row. However, if you lack a boat, it’s perfectly fine, for a stationary cycling machine is just as good. Also, you can use the machine to keep up with your exercise.

The best thing about rowing machines is that it gives you a full-body exercise. Moreover, you can set your pace and get a great workout on your arms, leg, and core. Rowing also burns those calories well at a higher pace. 

Climbing stairs

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This simple act is a great low-impact exercise. Kim Kardashian’s trainer even put the star onto Stairmaster with ankle weights. If you do not have a Stairmaster at home, just climb up and down the steps. The faster you go, the faster the calorie burn.

Low Impact Cardio Circuit

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If you want a low-impact circuit, then try the following. Do this circuit in 30-40 minute intervals with one-minute breaks in between. Moreso runs through the session three times for a complete workout.

First, run and jump in place. Remember to land on your feet softly. Do not speed through. You want to get your heart rate up. Next, keep your core strong with a modified mountain climber. Lastly, finish off your exercise with a low-impact jumping jack.


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Depending on the type of yoga, yoga can increase your heart rate while being kind to your joints. If you participate in a sweatier yoga like Vinyasa, expect major sweat with an elevated heart rate.


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Using an elliptical machine will provide a much-needed workout to your arms and legs. This is because ellipticals are stationary. Therefore, putting in the work will give you a great workout while putting no impact on your joints.


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As most gyms remain closed, consider the outdoors. Breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Chart your trail and hike for an hour. The exercise will burn around 440 calories for a person weighing 160lbs.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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