A Guide To Natural Home Remedies For Insect Bites

Insect bites are persistent, and it is not always easy to understand who is responsible for some adverse skin reactions. To immediately soothe the pain and itching, natural remedies can be beneficial. However, it is advisable to see a doctor in case of fever or allergies.

The summer sees the arrival of annoying insects, which we consider a real problem to fight during the hottest months, being present during the day, at night, light, and dark.

Thanks to the growing attention to the environment and the health of oneself and pets, natural remedies against mosquitoes are becoming more and more widespread, in addition to the fact that they are certainly cheaper than industrial products.

Lemon Or Lime Juice

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The lemon or lime has antibacterial properties. Just be careful because they are acidic and, therefore, can create an uncomfortable burning sensation and increase photosensitivity if you are in the sun.

Milk And Water

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Take some skim milk and dilute it with water (in equal parts). Then dip a cotton handkerchief and pat the skin with this solution. Milk proteins are soothing and will quickly remove the annoying itchy sensation.

Raw Honey

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Raw, unpasteurized honey retains all the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals naturally present in it. Spread it on the sting and leave it on for about half an hour.

Apple Cider Vinegar


It is known for its ability to relieve itching—dab apple cider vinegar on the bites. So if you’ve been assaulted, for example, by a cloud of mosquitoes or sandflies, you could add a couple of glasses to a warm bath.

Coconut Oil

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The benefits of coconut oil when it comes to insect bites are threefold: it helps soothe itching, reduce redness, but it can also protect against bacterial infections.


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Most toothpaste tubes are mint-flavored, containing menthol, which creates a refreshing sensation in the mouth and the skin. If you apply a small amount to the bite, you may feel less itchy. Additionally, the astringent nature of toothpaste helps reduce swelling.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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