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A Guide To Overcoming Burnout While Working From Home


April 11, 2021

Raise your hand if you can relate to never feeling well-rested no matter how long you sleep. Finding the motivation to leave the bed can feel difficult the moment your alarm rings. Furthermore, your first thoughts are flooded with to-do lists. 

Despite having twenty-four hours in a day, the time to accomplish your work duties seems way too short, especially when working from home. Consequently, you might begin to feel overwhelmed as your home begins to feel like another office. 

Experiencing burnout is a pretty common occurrence. However, you can overcome it. Use this weekend to be kind to yourself and use this guide to overcome burnout while working from home.

Set Boundaries and Limits

Boundaries are required in every aspect of your life, including working from home. If you’ve never had the time or thought to do so, use this weekend to create boundaries now. This will be especially helpful when living with family and yourself as well.

Be strict about your mealtimes and create a routine around them. Avoid eating lunches on your work desk and have them somewhere else instead. Creating boundaries may feel challenging at first, but powering through and sticking to them will be more effective in the long run.

Create A Routine

You need to create some structure in your life. Do not normalize waking up and working from your bed. Leave your bed as your sleeping sanctuary and mimic your morning routine as if you will physically head over to the office.

Wake up, take a shower, get yourself out of your pajamas, then work. Invest in a desk or even work on your dining table. The point is to have work set up that mimics the office feel. Once your working hours are done, shut your laptop and engage in other daily tasks.

Try The 90/20 Rule

Practice the 90/20 rule to give your mind a break. The aim is to work for 90 minutes straight then taking a 20-minute break. During the break, refrain from going on social media, reading a book, or anything that would require some thought and sit.

This is especially important as our brains are constantly running. Therefore choosing an activity that gives your brain some calm, like playing with your pets, would be an activity to do before going back to work. Remember, breaks are needed to make them your best friend. 

Carve Out Space For Yourself

If going back to the office is not an option for you any time soon, it’s time to invest in a desk. Working from the couch or the bed is not a viable option, and you need to create a space to work conveniently and efficiently.

If you don’t have the funds or space to create an entire home office, don’t worry. Purchase a desk and a great ergonomic chair to place in your house. Not only will the piles of paperwork thank you, but your mind will too.

Double Down on Self Care

Self-care means having a healthy mind and body. Taking breaks in between your day to reconnect with yourself and practice self-care activities is essential. By engaging in exercise and eating healthy meals is a must-have in your daily routine. 


The good thing is the activities don’t always have to be set in stone. You can create a flexible schedule and do what works for you. If doing exercises in the morning does not work for you, try switching to the afternoon. The point is to make it enjoyable. 

Take The Day Off

It’s not a sign of weakness to take the day off. However, please plan what you would like to do the day before if you need to do so. The aim is to make the day seem different than all your other days in the house.

Consider scheduling family time, movie night, or any activity out of the ordinary. Learn to switch off your phone and unwind. It would be best if you felt well relaxed with ample time before jumping back into the swing of things again.