A Guide To Practicing Love Languages At Work

May 29, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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The relationships you form with the people at work are just as important as the ones outside. Nurturing those relationships and learning your co-workers’ love language can help you succeed and thrive in the workplace.


Your love language is a way that you communicate and accept gestures of love. From your relationships with your family and friends, you learn how to communicate your affection and support.

The same goes for our relationships with our co-workers. To create and nurture the relationships we have at the office, we can communicate through love language practices. Here’s how you can practice the five love languages in the office.

1. Quality Time




In order to build a relationship, you’ll need to spend time with someone, and when most communication in the office is based on emails, bonds can’t be formed. For some companies spending time in the office is such an important part of the job.

Some companies also organize get-togethers with their staff outside of work so that everyone can spend some time bonding. People whose love language is quality time will thrive in these situations and be happier at work.

2. Gifts

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash


It doesn’t always have to be in the form of physical gifts, especially not ones that go against company policy. If you’ve heard your colleague express interest in a topic you’ve come across, you can send them a link to an article or post that you’ve found.

Companies might give out promotional gifts around events like birthdays and holidays, or it could be a staff-initiated effort. It’s a way of showing the staff that they’re valued team members and appreciated!

3. Affirmation




Everyone needs some words of kindness to keep them motivated and make them feel appreciated in the workplace! So if someone has done a good job, send a message, or better yet, deliver it in person that you appreciate the work they do!

4. Acts Of Service



Going a little further to make someone’s workload a little lighter is an easy way to show appreciation for the work they do. It doesn’t have to be something too extravagant either; something like getting them a coffee while you’re getting yourself one is great enough!


5. Touch



Expressing your appreciation via a handshake or even a high five can motivate employees to continue being great at their job. Some people might even appreciate it more after a year without human interaction!

Not everyone expresses their love language in the same way, but you can always pick up on people’s reception of the different ways you communicate your appreciation at work. To create an environment where your employees enjoy working, you just have to be attentive!

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