A Guide To Recreating The Pinterest Fairy Hair Trend

Mar 08, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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If you’ve had your fair share of the same old hair trends and want to aim for some sparkle and shine, try the Pinterest-endorsed fairy hair tinsels. A brand new take on the conventional hair bling and highlights, you will love this heat-resistant sparkly glitter style.


We keep hearing time and again how intensified mood swings are connected to timely changes required in our hair care. And that certainly doesn’t only involve switching up to a vibrant or pastel shade, getting streaks, or trying on balayage.

For the people who want to travel off the beaten path, zhuzh up your hair just in time for the spring festivities might be what you need. Read through our hair guide on how to recreate the fairy tinsel hair for yourself.

How To Add Sparkles To Your Hair

There are countless tutorials online which will teach you how to embrace the fairy hair sparkles. Depending upon your level of expertise, you can either opt for the knotting method or get help from micro rings to fully secure your fairy tinsel hair strand in place.


Sophie Hannah’s technique involves sectioning your hair and combining fragile hair strands with 3 or 4 fairy extensions. She then places a micro ring on the threader and passes the fairy tinsel strands all the way through to grip it. Finally, she uses pliers to tighten the micro ring and prevent the fairy tinsels from falling off.

Sera Faery runs a successful Fairy Hair Sparkles Service in Portland. Her technique involves grabbing a thin hair strand and combining it with a sparkle. Next, she takes a little pixie latch hook and uses its open end to secure the hair sparkle strand with a knot. She then closes the knot using her finger and thumb movements.

An Inclusive Trend


For the parents who want to enjoy some bonding time with their little girls, you can try placing fairy tinsels in your little girl’s hair. Sydney’s tutorial video shows how her father helps put fairy extensions in her hair using the slipknot method. So much for channeling your inner fairy!

Fairy Hair Variations To Try


If you’re using premium quality tinsels, they are likely to be heat-resistant and chemical-free. This means you can style your hair using a blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron without spoiling the fairy sparkles.

Another exciting way to give your dull hair some vibrance is by adding multiple-colored tinsels. Brunettes and dark-haired folks can opt for pastel shades to intensify the sparkly feel and prevent the warmer hues from overshadowing the tinsels.


Some of us can’t do without a top knot or ponytails, no judgments here. But the good news is that you can go all fairy tinsel on your sleek ponytails and add that missing spark and splash of glitter and shine.

If your new hair color has been missing a beat, sparkles can be a stunning addition for that subtle shimmery touch. No matter the shade, texture, and length of your hair, installing fairy tinsels will come as a welcome respite and nothing less.