A Guide To Reducing Packaging Waste

Online shopping has become an easy means of getting our products with the luxury of not going to the store. But an issue that people are noticing is that when we receive our deliveries, sometimes the packaging seems ridiculous and is often wasteful!

Online shopping has become so popular throughout the pandemic. It provided us extra safety and kept us from crowding stores that would put us at risk of getting COVID.

But while it’s convenient and gives us the luxury of getting our products delivered right to our homes, consumers are noticing a significant amount of packaging waste! So how can we stop wasting packaging, especially when it comes to smaller items?

1. Request For Your Items To Be Shipped Together


When shopping online, it’s hard to resist the urge to have your products shipped immediately! But smaller items tend to get thrown into packaging much too large.

Instead of all that waste, you can opt for your items to get shipped together, so they all arrive in one box instead. It may take a lot longer for your goods to arrive, but it means less waste!

2. Look For Recyclable Packaging


When shopping, take extra time to check if the packaging materials are recyclable. From packaging tape to the wrapping of your packages, everything should be easily recyclable.

3. Recycle Your Waste


Take the time to separate your waste actively and recycle it, so you’re not contributing further to the waste. Make an effort to have your recyclable waste recycled; doing so helps the environment and looks out for the planet’s future.

4. Don’t Buy As Much


Sometimes your fingers get twitchy, and you actually want everything in your shopping cart. You can’t always help it, but we need to become more conscious consumers.

You can try to cut down on your spending and stop purchasing unnecessary items. You can try to make yourself conscious about how necessary your purchases are by asking yourself if you really need the items you want!


Instead of opting for new products online, try and thrift your purchases as it leads to a lot less waste. You can find amazing quality products locally, be it clothing or even household appliances! Do your research and find stores with good thrifting deals.

Leaving the comfort of your home might feel scary, especially when we’ve become so accustomed to the convenience of having everything at home. But if you’re trying to lower your carbon footprint, reducing your waste is the best way to go!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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