A Guide To Reenergizing After A Sleepless Night

Mar 07, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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A sleepless night can ruin your entire day because of the terrible side effects of being tired. If only there were a guide to get through the day without the headaches, mood swings, and constant yawning.


We’ve all had those nights where it just seems impossible to get good quality sleep no matter what. You can toss and turn while worrying about work until 4 am, get up for a glass of water, and it’s suddenly 7 am.

Whatever the cause for a sleepless night, the outcome is the same. You end up tired and not able to function. Fortunately, we’ve found a few ways to make the day easier the next time you’re in this position.

Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Photo by BBH Singapore on Unsplash

Photo by BBH Singapore on Unsplash


Drinking coffee is a fantastic way to get an instant energy boost, but it is essential not to overdo it. Caffeine can have some uncomfortable side effects, such as jitteriness, making it difficult to sleep that night.

Two cups of coffee in the morning should be able to sustain you the entire day. Try to stay hydrated with water to feel awake and alert throughout the day instead of reaching for an espresso or an energy drink.

Take A Cold Shower

Photo by Leif Christoph Gottwald on Unsplash

Photo by Leif Christoph Gottwald on Unsplash


Cold showers can help stimulate your body, so the shock from the cold water will wake you right up. When you are at work, try to splash some cold water on your face when you feel yourself drifting off.

Avoid Heavy Meals And Carbs

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Large meals that consist of junk food and carbohydrates will only make you more tired, so try to avoid them. The body burns through carbohydrates quite rapidly, so you will be depleted of energy faster than usual.


Instead, opt for lighter meals that contain plenty of proteins to keep you going for the day. Foods like yogurt, chicken, fish, and veggies will not slow you down the same way a slice of pizza would.

Chew On Gum

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

Research shows that chewing gum enhances your cerebral activity, making it a great contender to reduce sleepiness. Try to choose a menthol-flavored piece of gum to get the most out of your chewing experience.

Go Outside Or Sit By A Window

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Neuroscientist and wellness expert Leigh Winters cites nature as one of the best energy boosters. The light of the sun coupled with the stress-relieving effects of fresh air can help with staying alert.

“Connecting with nature and being in fresh air can make you feel more awake. Also, getting some natural sunlight helps maintain circadian rhythms, which will help get your sleep schedule back on track.”

Says Leigh Winters

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