A Guide To Resetting Your Body Clock

You may find that you feel sleepy and wake up around the same time every morning and evening. This is your body clock at work, and it can be trained and shifted to your convenience. 

We often hear people use the term ‘body clock,’ but do we really know what it means? Body clock refers to your circadian rhythm, which regulates your body’s daily sleep cycles, hunger, and other daily processes. 

Natural signs such as light, meal times, and interaction guide your circadian rhythms every 24 hours. Sometimes your body clock gets messed up by travel, insomnia, and other factors, so we have a guide on resetting it. 

Set An Alarm


Waking up at the same time every day, no matter what you were doing the night before, can be helpful. Keeping a regular sleep schedule will help your body learn to adjust to a new internal schedule. 

It is vital to set the alarm to wake up at the same time daily even if you can’t fall asleep in time. This practice will help you keep on track as your body adapts and resets to the new circadian rhythm. 

Change Your Meal Times

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Some studies have shown that delaying or advancing meals can shift your circadian rhythm’s circulation. Your body clock also regulates when you digest food and when you feel hungry, which is why meals are essential. 

When you eat earlier or later than usual, you may be able to shift when you feel more alert during the day. So you can adjust your daily meals according to the way you want to reset your internal timekeeping system. 

Avoid Taking Naps

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Taking a nap can interfere with how easily you can fall asleep at night, no matter how tired you are. Experts recommend exercising instead of taking a nap and then using that burnt energy for better quality sleep later. 

“The exercise will chase away the sleepiness. Then you can save up that drive to sleep for later.”

Says Dr. Rafael Pelayo

Light Exposure Therapy

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Our circadian rhythms are extremely sensitive to light making it one of the most effective ways to reset your body clock. There are plenty of devices that can shine a bright blue light when timed to help you adjust when to wake up.

“Morning exposure to light and increased exposure to sunlight shifts the master clock earlier.”

Says Dr. Kenneth P. Wright Jr.

Create A Bedtime Routine

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A relaxing bedtime routine will help you build a habit that your brain and body look forward to every day. This bedtime routine can consist of anything you find relaxing, like a bubble bath, meditation, or massage. 

The best way to make this routine effective is to ensure that your rooms are dark or don’t have a blue light. Bright lighting indicates your body to stay alert since it is associated with the morning and daytime in your head. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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