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A Guide To Setting Family Boundaries As A Couple


March 10, 2021

Being in love with someone can bring out the best in you and improve your life in many ways. However, romantic relationships also need a lot of work, such as setting boundaries with your partner and family members. 

Being in a romantic relationship may be all roses and chocolates for a while, but things can get complicated. Families can play an integral part in your love life, whether the effects are good or bad. 

It is critical to have some conversations with your partner regarding boundaries with their family. Read more to explore how to approach setting boundaries with your partner regarding each other’s families. 

Why You Should Consider Setting Clear Boundaries With Parents

Setting boundaries with your family members and parents is a normal part of growing up. Some parents may think that their child will always need their help, which can end up putting some strain on all parties. 

Getting older requires independence, and the first step towards gaining it from family is to demonstrate it. Without autonomy, a family can be quite controlling, affecting your adult relationships, especially romantic ones. 

Establishing boundaries with parents and family may be uncomfortable at first, but the outcome is worth it. You will gain respect from your family to communicate what you are and are not comfortable with. 

Taking the time to set boundaries with your family will also build trust in your romantic relationships. The most critical reason to consider setting boundaries is that it will make you happier at the end of the day. 

How To Approach Setting Boundaries With Family

Your family will always be there for you, but they are prone to feeling hurt when you try to set boundaries. To make your boundary-setting journey a bit more seamless, it is essential to pay attention to your approach. 

The way you communicate with your family can either burn bridges or help your relationships evolve. Remember to be direct, firm, and thoughtful when you are setting boundaries with your family. 

Avoid approaching the conversation through text message, so your words and tone aren’t misconstrued. Make it a conversation by asking your family members for their opinions without letting them sway your thoughts. 

It is also essential to lead by example with the boundaries you set so your family can act accordingly. If you would like them to stop addressing your partner in a certain way, you should never handle them that way too. 

How To Deal With Resistance 

All change requires patience, time, effort from all parties, and determination. Once you communicate your boundaries, it isn’t sure that your family will receive it well immediately, or even in the near future. 


It is essential to realize why you are setting your boundaries so you do not easily give up on your stance. You should look forward to more openness, freedom, and mutual respect, which is worth the work. 

Unless it is a boundary that you’ve set with your family, do not cut off all communication. The only way to deal with resistance is to work through it by communicating with your family as much as you can. 

You should also avoid trying to speak to one family member about another who is resisting the boundaries. This communication can cause a broken telephone effect and potentially cause more conflict.