A Guide To Shrinking A Stretched Out Pair Of Jeans

Are you super happy because you finally lost weight? Unfortunately, it is now possible that your favorite jeans are suddenly too loose and no longer fit properly. No need to despair. There are a few ways that you can use to tighten your jeans.

Jeans are perhaps the most comfortable item of clothing you have. But are you taking care of it properly? Like a best friend, a well-fitting pair of jeans is a treasure to be treasured. 

When you buy a new pair of jeans, always make sure that they aren’t too loose. It would be best if you always bought jeans as tight as possible. Of course, it should also sit comfortably. It is best to find a balance between tight and just-still-comfortable.

Hot wash jeans

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One of the quickest ways to tighten a worn-out pair of jeans is to machine wash them on a hot cycle. Wash them inside out at least sixty degrees without fabric softener. That would be much too hot for a normal wash cycle because it pulls the fibers together.

But that’s what you want so that your jeans fit like a glove again. You should also definitely fling them, as this will shrink them again and help make them at least one size smaller. Be sure to check the laundry label to see whether it is cotton or stretch.

Make jeans tighter in the dryer

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It works similarly to the tumble dryer. This usually shrinks denim fabric, which is why jeans are always allowed to air-dry. However, if you want to make your jeans tighter, you can use this effect for yourself. Tumble the wet jeans on the highest setting. 

Before doing this, reread the laundry label to see if it is authentic denim and if you can generally put the trousers in the dryer. Otherwise, you may risk breaking the fibers. Also, look at the label as you can’t put every denim in the dryer!

Freeze jeans

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You can also put your jeans in the freezer overnight. The cold temperatures ensure that the fibers contract a little. However, this method does not work as well as washing in hot climates or the dryer.

But they are generally also suitable for keeping a new pair of jeans in their shape. So don’t wash a new pair of jeans; for now, just put them in the freezer. That keeps them fit!

Sew jeans tighter

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If you have a knack for sewing and are not afraid to try something, you can sew your jeans tighter. It works in several ways. If the jeans legs are still sitting well and you are only narrower at the waist, you can make the jeans tighter at the waistband. You can gather a part of the seam so that you can let it out again later.

You can also make a bootcut out of wide flares. It’s much easier than you think: To do this, you sew the pant legs tighter, and all you need is a steady hand, pins, and a sewing machine.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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