A Guide To Spring 2021 Jewelry Trends

Mar 22, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Accessories are excellent pieces for making an outfit stand out and more unique. As a result, jewelry trends change with the fashion seasons to keep in touch with the latest desired looks.


Fashion is taking a bold turn for the best this year after months of being locked up in sweatpants. This spring’s bold style trends will also make their way into jewelry trends in several unique ways.

It’s all about curating perfect looks from shoe to accessory this spring, so it’s vital to stay caught up. Take a look at the jewelry trends that will be popping by the time we reach this year’s spring season.

Signature Statements


On the spring runway shows for 2021, we’ve seen multiple luxury brands make a statement with their jewels. Fashion houses like Chanel, Jacquemus, and Prada made jewelry pieces inspired iconic brand identifiers.

The iconic Jacquemus Chicito bag was reimagined as a necklace along with the Chanel 2.55. Prada’s triangle badge took the form of earrings while Maison Margiela reimagined the Tabi boot as a pendant too.

Link Up


Linked chains are a trend that we could see coming in fast and strong last year. Needless to say, this is a trend that has stuck around.

Whether they are on your neck, your wrist, or your ear, chains look great. Recent trends appear to favor chunkier chains so the bolder the better.

Colorful Beads


We’ve seen the rise of colored jewelry pieces over the past year and it is taking a page out of the causal book. Although colorful sparkling gems are brilliant, colorful beaded jewels add a ton of life to an outfit.

Just because you can’t go on a tropical vacation just yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress for one. Pops of color also have a way of making one’s mood much better which is essential for all of the Zoom calls we take.

Not Your Grandma’s Pearls


It’s comeback season for pearls, and no, we’re not talking about the same designs your grandmother owns. We're talking dainty and intriguing.

Think imperfect shapes, delicate designs, and modern mixtures with other metals and minerals. Natural textures are proving extremely popular.

Mismatched And Abstract


It seems as if nothing in the world makes sense anymore, so why not try to have fun with it? The more obscure and innovative the jewelry design, the better, especially with earrings which have so many possibilities.

Mismatch your earrings for a statement look or grab abstract designs with geometric shapes for a fun twist. Whatever you do with this style, have fun with it because the world could end any day anyway.