A Guide To Taking A Safe Vacation This Summer

It’s been over a year since we’ve been able to have a hot girl summer, and we’re getting restless. A destination vacation can finally be a possibility again this summer as long as you’re safe. 

Last summer was a bummer for many people who had to cancel their vacation plans due to the pandemic. While celebrities jetted off in their private planes and paid for covid-19 tests, we stayed behind in bed. 

Fortunately, restrictions are a bit looser this year, meaning we can finally get back to our planned vacations. Read more to see how you can take a safe, worry, and corona-free holiday this summer. 

Choosing Your Mode Of Transport 

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It’s been over 12 months since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, forcing most of us to stay in one city. Traveling has been out of the question for a year which has made us quite skeptical about transportation. 

One has to consider many factors before choosing whether to fly or drive to a holiday destination. Now that there is an entire virus in the mix, there are even more factors to consider when choosing transportation. 

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Driving may be the best choice for traveling near as one has more control of their car. Although driving can be safer, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions like sanitizing and not touching things at rest stops. 

While flying may feel highly unsafe, experts have noted it can be safer than visiting restaurants. You can also lower risks by booking a window seat, wearing a mask the entire flight, and using disinfectant wipes everywhere. 

Considering Accommodation

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We may all be missing our friends and family by now, but it is still safer to book accommodation. Hotels and rentals may pose some risk, but it’s easier to social distance from a hotel than in your loved one’s home. 

Although the accommodation spaces are cleaned regularly, it’s best to wipe down everything yourself as well. Avoid indoor spaces at hotels like bars and do not consume communal food and beverages from receptions. 

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When staying at a rental home, try to ask your host when the guests before you will leave the space. This will allow you to give yourself two to three days to arrive, and hopefully, the area will be clear of risk.

Another thing to consider with outside accommodation is asking for clean sheets to make the bed yourself. You should also regularly wipe down high-touch surfaces with disinfectant to minimalize risk. 

Tackling International Travel

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Many experts present that domestic travel will rise in popularity, but some are still wanderlust. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or have a complimentary ticket from last year, there are ways to tackle international travel. 

It’s essential to plan on getting the vaccine if you’re considering will reject international travel. Tourism is in demand in many countries, but so are their citizens’ safety and other travelers. 

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It is also crucial to choose your destinations wisely and make sure it has clear rules for travelers to stay safe. Prepare for non-vacation-like experiences like rapid testing, which is a small price to pay for safety. 

When you are in another country, make sure to respect their protocols and exercise extra caution too. Plan outdoor activities, wear your mask in all public spaces, and consider everyone’s safety while you have fun.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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