A Guide To Using Social Media Mindfully

We’re all a little guilty of using our phones from the moment we wake up till we’re falling asleep. It’s near impossible to break away from using our phones and social media, but we can become more mindful of it!

Using social media has become our means of distracting ourselves from our problems, but it’s also a means to keep ourselves updated in the world. We once thought it a useful tool, but it’s starting to become an addiction!

Our values shouldn’t be so intertwined with an app filled with strangers we look to for inspiration because it can mentally leave you in a bad space! So how do you use social media mindfully?

Take A Break!


You might find it difficult not to sit on your phone 24/7, but sometimes your brain just needs a break, even if it’s just for a week! You may not be aware of how negatively social media affects your mind, and taking a break can help put things back in perspective!


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Boundaries don’t just apply to your relationships with others; it also applies to your relationship with your phone! Find ways to keep your phone out of important moments like spending time with your family and friends!

You don’t have to lock people’s phones away, because in case of emergencies. You can even take pictures when you need to, but you should give your loved ones your full attention every once in a while!

Surround Yourself With Good Energy


As much effort as we put into choosing the people we surround ourselves with, we need to do the same for who we follow on social media! The content you’re consuming can mold your views, so try to diversify your feed and keep yourself involved.

It also works in your favor of comfort; think of how the content you’re consuming affects you. If what you’re seeing makes you feel bad about yourself, change what you’re looking at, try and follow people that keep you inspired and keep you happy, and most of all, they need to be body positive!

Limit Your Screen Time


It’s easier said than done, but you need to take a break from your phone and do other things. Whether it’s working out or cleaning, you’re not finding time in your day for, if you cut down your screen time, you will have time!

You can easily monitor your screen time usage on your phone and see where you’re spending most of your time and also when you’re doing it. That way, you can monitor your use and even set restrictions for yourself!

Ask Yourself, “Why?”


If you’re taking a break from social media and find yourself in withdrawal, ask yourself why you need to go online. It’s an easy way to distinguish necessary from unnecessary screen time so that your days can be more productive.

It’s easy to give in to your own excuses, but you need to decide if what you’re going to do will be healthy for you. Maybe you need to spend some more time with yourself and less time looking for things to help you avoid your problems!

Don’t Let It Replace Real Life.


While the pandemic really forced us to use our screens non-stop as a form of communication and socialization, we need to break away from that mindset. Remember to have conversations with people in person, even though you can easily do it over the phone.

It’s difficult to see why you need a break from your phone, and you might even be in denial about how much you need it. Just be conscious when going online and make sure that it isn’t harming you mentally!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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