A Look At The Real Villains In Some Of Our Favorite Movies According To Twitter Users

Jun 28, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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For many years audiences have been accepting certain movie characters as villains without questioning. Unfortunately for movie creators, the jig is up as Twitter users are identifying the real bad guys.


Movies usually present the film’s antagonist quite clearly for audiences to see, and we accepted that. Filmmakers were able to present someone as the villain of a story without any questioning, but that has changed.

A Twitter trend has sent many people on the quest to identify the real villains in some of our favorite movies. Read further to take a look at the actual villains in a selection of some classic cinema favorites.

Gabriella In High School Musical


Sharpay Evans is portrayed as the villain in ‘High School Musical,’ basically for being ambitious. Twitter users recently shed light on that narrative and revealed that the real villain was actually Gabriella.

In ‘High School Musical 2’, Gabriella shamed her boyfriend, Troy, for taking up a summer internship to bolster his career. That would make her the actual villain instead of Sharpay, who gave Troy networking connections.

Janis Ian In Mean Girls


The plot of ‘Mean Girls’ is simple. Cady moves to an American High School where she gets sucked into three mean girls’ lives, with the main mean girl and obvious movie villain being Regina George.

However, if you truly think about how the drama in the movie unfolds, it all starts with Janis Ian. Sure, her motives may be valid, but everything Cady did that ended up being really bad for everyone was because of Janis.

Nate In The Devil Wears Prada


Imagine being in your twenty-somethings with a career-defining opportunity that you can’t fully enjoy because of your boyfriend? If that situation sounds familiar, you may have seen ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’

The movie tries to sell Miranda Priestly as the demanding demon boss villain, but the actual villain is Nate. He does not support his girlfriend’s very valid and exciting career moves, which any adult should.

Mr. Krabs In Spongebob Squarepants


‘Spongebob Squarepants’ may not be a movie, but it isn’t exempt from this analysis. The animation tries to sell Plankton as the show’s villain, but in reality, Krusty Krabs’ owner Mr. Krabs is the real bad guy.

Mr. Krabs is the definition of a greedy capitalist, and that trait about him is even exaggerated on the show. Firstly, we never actually see him pay Spongebob for his job, and why is he so opposed to sharing? Suspicious.

The American Health System In Breaking Bad


This is another show that cannot be exempt from the villain analysis simply because it is so clever. In ‘Breaking Bad,’ the meth-cooking and distributing Walter White is made out to be the villain.

However, when you start to dismantle how Walter even ended up where he is, you start to see the real villain. The health system failed to provide him with enough coverage for cancer treatment, so he turned to sell drugs.