A Look Inside The International Church Of Cannabis

Apr 14, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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It’s been four years since people have been getting closer to heaven in more than one way in Denver. The International Church of Cannabis in Colorado is the holiest spot for getting high in America.


We all know smoking cannabis can get you high, but we didn’t anticipate the heights this church put it at. The International Church of Cannabis opens its doors to a congregation of stoners who experience weed more sacredly.

Cannabis has been getting a more pleasant rebrand of late, and it’s surprisingly trickled down to religion. If you’re interested in exploring more about the weird and wonderful world of the Internation Church of Cannabis, read further.

What Is The International Church Of Cannabis?


The International Church Of Cannabis was founded in 2017 by Steve Berke, a Yale University graduate. At the time, Steve lived in an old church in Denver that his parents bought to flip into a block of apartments.

Steve moved from Miami to capitalize on Denver’s cannabis market, but little did he know he’d be starting a church. The idea was birthed from wild conversations with friends while recreationally smoking marijuana.


Fortunately, they do not actually praise cannabis at the church but rather practice elevationism. Elevationists practice other religions, do not have to convert, and don’t claim divine authority.

According to the church’s website, elevationists try to discover their best selves with mindful cannabis use. Spiritual practices guide the communal and celebratory ritual of cannabis use at the church.

Is It An Actual Church?


While the International Church of Cannabis is a literal church building, it looks much different from one. When you see the church from the outside, nothing is out of the ordinary until you see the church doors.

The front doors feature a spray-painted mural of a silver galaxy with brightly colored happy-faced planets. When one enters the church, they see a bright rainbow-colored refuge that one can liken to a rave.


The murals painted in the church were created by Spanish painter Okuda San Miguel. Okuda’s extraordinary work took six days to complete, and he didn’t have a rough sketch before starting the project.

What Do People Do There?


We’ve established that people don’t go to the church to praise weed but instead go on a self-discovery journey. This entails smoking marijuana within a community and taking part in activities occasionally.

Activities can include yoga classes, meditations, listening to talks from activists, and more. Although this seems like things you can get up to at home, Lucy, a yoga teacher at the church, explains the setting’s significance.


“churches by nature have a high vibrational energy. Consuming in a community, in a ‘church’ setting, makes it an even more powerful experience.”

Says Lucy

Like many churches, the International Church of Cannabis encourages members to volunteer. Berke tries to ensure the congregation positively impacts the community, so picking up rubbish is a possibility.

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