A Self-Help Guide To Turning Crisis Into Opportunity

It is natural to fear uncertainty when the global pandemic has the entire world reduced to lockdown and quarantine regimes. However, finding a silver lining in a rather dark cloud can reap great rewards for our emotional well-being.

Life has its fair share of ups and downs. There are times when our patience and strength are put to the test, and we are bombarded with numerous obstacles. But as is often said, it always gets worse before it gets better; that is what we often seem to forget when faced with hardships. 

Nothing lasts forever, but the lessons we learn when going through struggling times change our personalities. And change happens to be the only truth and constant in our lives. Take a look at five ways you can turn times of sheer adversity and crisis into golden opportunities. 

Acknowledge The Existence Of Crisis 

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It is essential to understand that running away from challenges is not a viable solution. Hardships are a part of our life, and the only way we can rise above them is by accepting their existence and using them to our advantage. 

“Crises come into our lives, no matter how we may try to avoid them. They are troubling, unwanted experiences or events that take us way out of our comfort zone. Typically, crises result in some type of loss. The very nature of a crisis is antithetical to our core values of certainty and predictability as they vanish in an instant.” 

said psychotherapist Mel Schwartz, LCSW. 

Stay Determined 

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There is nothing wrong with failing or falling, so long as you remember getting back up and trying again. Keeping your focus and determination strong, especially when tested, are critical aspects of reaching your goals. 


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It’s good to plan, but try not to dwell on empty plans. Get in the habit of putting in little effort every day to make sure you are on the right path to making your dreams a reality. 

For instance, it might seem nearly impossible for unemployed people to find a new job amidst the pandemic. However, if they set aside some time to polish their LinkedIn profile and overall resumes and keep applying to potential job places, eventually, things will work out for them. 

Make Room For Negative Scenarios 

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We are all familiar with the law of attraction, but a slightly less popular technique involves allowing yourself to consider adverse outcomes. You can practice this by thinking of the worst possible case scenarios for a given situation, which will prepare you to plan and tackle things well in time. 

Never Lose Sight Of The Big Picture 

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Have you ever realized what the most difficult situations in your life have taught you? While we are all fond of relishing the cheerful times, it’s when our patience and energy are put to the test only that we realize what we’re capable of. 

Crisis and times of adversity are not meant to stay forever, but they teach us many things. It is imperative to comprehend that our current circumstances don’t define us. What we draw from our life events ultimately molds us into a better version of ourselves. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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