A Simple Skincare Guide For Men

Gone are the days when taking care of your skin was considered exclusively for women. Whether you are a pro or are new to skincare, following a men’s skincare routine will lead to clearer, healthier-looking skin. An excellent start to the day!

Even if men’s beauty routine is less elaborate than that for women, it is still essential to do it right. In the end, health, well-being, and comfort are crucial.

While you may think that one shower gel is enough for you and that you are sticking to one shampoo, know that your facial routine needs to have more than one step to be effective.

How Is Men’s Skin Different From Women’s?

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The first thing, of course, is that men have beards. But that’s not the only disparity. Male hormones are involved in the thickening of the facial skin during adolescence, so men have about 25% thicker skin than women. Also, testosterone makes men less vulnerable to hormonal fluctuations.

Also, the texture of the skin of men is usually less delicate than that of women. This causes the ingredients in men’s products to generally be more potent and concentrated. But the most significant difference is probably behavioral. Women often don’t have so much problem trying and using several products; it has to be kept simple for men! 

Do Men Have Oilier Skin?

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This varies from person to person. Testosterone has also been found to be responsible for increased sebum production in men. Men have more sebaceous glands (50% more than women), and their pores are more significant than women. 

This means men’s skin is more vulnerable to acne, hence the importance of trying to balance the skin. This is very vital in controlling the formation of acne and preventing it.

Anti-aging Skincare For Men

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The signs of aging often appear later in men than in women, so the latter may tend not to worry about it until middle age, if ever! But what men need to know is that once the aging process begins, it goes much faster than in women.

Prevention, therefore, remains essential and often much sooner than you think. Men who wish can therefore start incorporating an anti-aging product in their thirties.

Good Skincare Routine For Men

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Although the skincare products may be different, the routine is not so much different from that of women. An excellent basic skin routine would be to cleanse the skin once or twice a day, moisturize the skin as is needed in the morning with a cream or lotion, depending on skin type.

This should be followed using an anti-aging prevention cream or serum in the evening as needed. Men must never forget the importance of sunscreen, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, whether because of work, sport, etc. This prevents skin cancer, which is much more common than you think.

What Is Proper Beard Care?

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It is usually tempting to think that growing a beard is less demanding than shaving every day. But the truth is, having a beard takes a lot of maintenance! Like your hair, you should wash your beard with shampoo that softens the hair without drying it out.

Beard oil should then be applied, not only to soften the hairs but also to prevent dandruff formation and help the beard smell great. There are also beard balms, which are mainly used to disinfect it regularly; given their proximity to the mouth, beards can become very dirty.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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