Adidas Creates The Longest Sneakers In The World

Mar 16, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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The collaboration between Estonian rapper Tommy Cash and Adidas resulted in a pair of limited edition shoes, presented by an exclusive design. The Adidas brand joins rapper Tommy Cash to create the longest sneakers in shoe history. A limited-edition pair that has intrigued the whole world.


In collaboration with the extravagant style of rapper Tommy Cash, the Adidas brand shows the world the longest shoes in history. A pair of limited-edition sneakers that certainly do not go unnoticed. They are inspired by the Superstars’ famous one but enriched with special details that make these shoes truly unique.

The brand is no stranger to successful partnerships - remember the Ivy Park line with Beyoncé or Stella McCartney’s collection. This time it’s with an Estonian rapper.

The Shoes By Adidas And Tommy Cash


In any case, innovative design and extra-large length are the fundamental components of the shoes shown by Adidas. The sportswear brand amazes the world and the most trusted shoppers with mileage sneakers. Tommy presents them through his Instagram profile and informs that it is already possible to book them.

"Both the angel and the devil live in me at the same time, two opposites that are constantly fighting with each other."

Tommy Cash.

Through his social channel, the Estonian rapper claims to have immediately received the brand’s consent to carry out this project. When Tommy Cash told Adidas that he wanted to make the longest shoes in the world through collaboration with them, they were shocked. But five months later, they did it.

The Sneakers Presented By Tommy Cash


It is not yet clear how long these sneakers are, but they must be long to see them. The images that rapper Tommy Cash showed on the web include an all-black version and an all-white version. Both are inspired by the iconic Superstar model, which features the three distinctive stripes on the side, at the center of the length.

Regarding the use of these two colors, the singer believes you don’t have to hide one side of your personality when, in reality, they can perfectly coexist with each other. Judging from the pictures, it doesn't seem possible to walk in such a long pair of sneakers. However, the Adidas proposal appears extravagant and fun. A pair of shoes that could be kept as a unique collector's item.