An Unofficial Guide To New K-Pop Group Enhypen

Jul 15, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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The 7-member boy group ENHYPEN debuted in November of last year and has emerged as a rookie that global K-pop fans pay the most attention to.


It was formed through fan votes in the audition program 'I-Land,' a joint audition program between Big Hit Entertainment (now Hive) and CJ ENM, which created BTS, and has had a robust global fandom since its debut.

The group ENHYPEN has been well-received by foreign media and has broadened its global spectrum.

How They Were Formed And Global Reception

In the final episode of 'I-Land,' according to global audience voting and producer's choice, Yang Jeong-won (16), Jay (18), Jake (18), Nicky (15), Lee Hee-Seung (19), Park Sung-hoon (18), Kim Seon-woo ( 17) had the joy of debuting. With an average age of 17.2, they made their debut in the world.


The team name Nhyphen is a punctuation mark that creates new meanings by connecting different words with a hyphen (-), meaning that they discover each other through connection and grow together.


We can find an example in the growth of Nicky, who was selected as a member of the group. Nicky, who has excellent dancing skills, helped other trainees in the top trainee group at the show.

They are receiving enthusiastic support from teenage fans worldwide for their self-reflecting worldview with their contemporary stories. In addition, armed with trendy music and powerful performances, the group's various new records have proudly earned the title of 'record-breaker.'

First Album

The first album 'Border: Day One' contains the stories of boys standing on the borderline. The story and the complex emotions that boys face at the unknown boundary, and their strong will to overcome them, are expressed through the visual concepts of two versions, 'Dawn' (DAWN) and 'Twilight' (DUSK), which are placed on the boundary between day and night.


The debut title song 'Given-Taken' contains the complex emotions of the members. They reflect after a long journey at a new starting point.


They project deep concerns about whether the realization of the dream of a splendid debut was given to them or whether they achieved it on their own.

They are happy with the spotlight pouring out simultaneously as their debut. On the other hand, they worry about the new world and survival. Thus, it delicately expresses the opposing emotions of feeling the urgency towards the future.

Second Album 'Border: Carnival'

Released in April, the album contains genuine feelings about the different world they have encountered since their debut. The strange and chaotic environment is confusing, but it expresses the feeling of being intoxicated by the festive atmosphere and being drawn into the carnival center by people's eyes and cheers.

The title song 'Drunk-Dazed' contains a sincere appreciation of the world experienced after its debut. If 'Given-Taken' is concerned with whether the debut opportunity was given to the members or won by themselves, 'Drunk-Dazed' sensibly depicts the image of one who is intoxicated by a glamorous carnival.