Anastasia Beverly Hills Launches Brow Changing AR Grooming Tool

Mar 05, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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A beautiful look goes through full eye makeup. The eyebrows have to be drawn correctly. Drawing your eyebrows can be considered an art. Beyond the color, it is essential to choose the right shape. The shape of your eyebrows depends on your face, eyes, forehead, or even your nose.


This is usually a problem for most women as precision is key to having flawless-looking brows. The eyebrow brings balance to the different face shapes. It can bring softness and femininity to the face and an optical lift effect and become a vital part of an androgynous look.

Knowing this problem, Anastasia Beverly Hills' beauty brand recently developed an extensive eyebrow grooming app that is designed to give you that expert-level help at home. The app launched on iOS on March 1 and will be available on Android from March 15.

What Is The Brow App


The app is based on the patented golden ratio shaping method by the founder and CEO Anastasia Soare. This method informs the user of the best eyebrow shape for them based on the rule of thirds. The app has six key features: a face and brow analysis with the brand's brow mirror.

"Developing The Brow App over the past year has been a labor of love. We're so excited to finally bring this new technology to our community and perfect people's brows all over the world."

Anastasia Soare, the founder and CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hill,

The app also has a preview of a client's suggested brow with personalized tips to recreate the look at home. Also, a check phase that ensures the correct shape, product and beauty recommendations, and a virtual brow consultation.

Why Should You Use The App


Besides learning to draw your brows correctly, the app also gives you access to product discounts. The app, made with two undisclosed technology partners and proprietary data, eight months to create and will debut in six languages.

In the US, Ulta Beauty will be Anastasia Beverly Hills' premier retailer. The brand intends to place app QR codes on ABH endcaps to act as a virtual assistant in Ulta stores. In about two months, the brand will release a desktop version of the app, and by the third quarter, other interactive features will be added.

How To Use The App


Using the app is relatively easy. The app's experience begins with a series of questions about your eyebrows. The app wants to know what they currently look like, what you want them to look like, and how much brow-grooming experience you have. After that, the app will guide you to its homepage, where there are three main options.

The first option will take you to the augmented-reality try-on feature; the second feature is the Look Library, a catalog of exclusive eyebrow tutorials for varying styles and shapes. Lastly, there's the Mastery tab, where you'll find a much more in-depth offering of makeup tutorials, plus run-throughs of specific Anastasia products and their purposes.