Eyebrow Maestro Anastasia Beverly Hills's Top Tips To Get Perfect Brows

Jan 25, 2021
08:31 A.M.
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If there’s anyone who knows how to perfect the arches and length of brows, it’s none other than the Queen of Brows, Anastasia Soare. She’s the reason behind our inclination towards shaping brows, and the only person who Kim K and Victoria Beckham can trust with their eyebrows.


There was a time when people didn’t expend much energy and time to focus on their brows while doing makeup. However, when Anastasia Beverly Hills made an entry in the beauty arena, everything changed with the master of brows sharing her expertise and magic products with the world.

Whether you’re fond of natural, thick, brushed, sleek or bold brows, Anastasia is the one person who knows how to nail any brow look. Here are the top tips, tricks and secrets courtesy of the eyebrow maestro herself to get the perfect eyebrows you desire.

1.Follow The Golden Ratio


Anastasia’s background in arts has enhanced her knowledge as a beauty pro, and she suggests following the facial proportions when shaping the brows. She has invented a patented brow shaping technique, called the Golden Ratio, which follows the principles of balance and symmetry in beauty.

Soare has also created a stencil which can help people shape their brows correctly. The golden ratio technique says that the eyebrows should begin directly above the middle of the nostrils. They should end where the corner of the nostril connects with the eye's outer corner,and the highest point of the arch should connect the middle of the tip of the nose with the center of the iris.

2.Don’t Tweeze Too Much Around The Front Of The Brow


Another thing to keep in mind is avoiding plucking around the bridge of the nose and the area where the eyebrows start. Anastasia Soare advises to follow the bone structure when shaping the brows, and letting the front of the brows remain thick so that the face, eyes and nose are in proportion.

Soare also shares that people should refrain from tweezing hairs from the area above the brows. If the eyebrows have a thick growth above that might distort the overall shape, it’s best to follow in the footsteps of an expert. Tweezing too much towards the end can also reduce the length and arch of brows.

3.Fill The Brows Starting With The Tail


You should start filling your brows from the middle towards the tail end, and then move on to fill the front of the brows. This trick will help you maintain a thicker and darker tail end, for a more prominent shape.

When you’re filling the top of your brows, use a spoolie to brush your hairs down. In this way, you will be able to fill all the empty spots in your brows and copy a natural brow look. Once you’re finished, remember to brush the hairs back up, and so do when you’re filling them from the inner side of the brows.

4.Style With A Highlighter Pencil & Brow Gel


You can make your brows appear more pronounced by using a highlighter pencil to trace the inner side of the brow, focusing on getting the arch and tail right. Use a brush to properly blend in the color.

A tinted brow gel can help with holding your eyebrows in place all day long. Once you’re done perfecting the shape, arch and length, give a finishing stroke of the brow gel and you’re good to go.

5.Avoid Trimming Your Brows


You can consider trimming your brows sometimes if they are thick, long and bushy. But if you go too overboard with cutting them all the time, their growth and shape might get affected. This can be an alarming situation for people who prefer grooming their brows at home.

It is best to use a brush or a spoolie to gently brush your hairs upwards and then trim with caution. You can use clean and sharp scissors, like the Anastasia Beverly Brow Scissors to only cut the hairs which are not following the prescribed brow shape.

6.Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze For Soap Brows


Soap brows were quite the trend once upon a time, and they are still going strong. If you want to create the feathered, full brow look in less time and also make sure it stays all day long, use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze.

Take a small amount of Brow Freeze with a brush or spoolie and work the product on the back of your hand. Then brush the Brow Freeze through your eyebrow hairs and adjust the motion of the spoolie as per the shape you desire. Press down the spoolie lightly to lock the shape in place.

7.If You’ve Messed Up, Use A Highlighting Pencil Or Brush


Sometimes we can create quite a mess when trying to get our brow game right. If you have used too many products on your brows and they have become way too dark or thick, use a brush to feather out the extra product.

If you use a tissue paper or cotton balls to dab the product, it will ruin everything. Instead, you can get some highlighter from your highlighting pencil, put it on your spoolie and brush it on your brows to absorb the extra color.