Art Therapy: 5 Crafts To Help You De-Stress

Oct 30, 2020
04:32 A.M.
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Art can be therapeutic in so many different ways. Some people feel better just by appreciating art and others love to get their hands dirty and create something unique.


We have all dealt with a stressful year and are in dire need of a break. Unfortunately, some of us may not afford to take a mental health break from our responsibilities, so we have to find other ways to cope.

Some art activities help to shift your mental energy away from circling worries and intrusive thoughts. Take a look at some of the craft activities you can try to ease your stress from the year.

Crocheting Or Knitting


Psychotherapist and art therapist Nora Dankner recommends picking up a needlework hobby. She explains that these activities are great for letting time pass, and the anticipation of a product is comforting.

"When you have a lot of time to transform, there's a comforting and healing way that they become a productive record of that time. Soft materials also have a way of providing comfort during a stressful time."

Says Nora Dankner

Make A Mixed Media Style Collage


Making collages is an accessible way to participate in an art project, even if you're not artistically inclined. This craft is also straightforward because you can use anything that you have lying around at home.

Collages take away the pressure of making a polished product because you can make it up as you go. All you need is glue and scissors, and the rest can find itself onto your work of art as you go.

Put A Puzzle Together


Puzzles are an excellent way to keep your mind busy and to help you feel more productive. The problem-solving aspect of a puzzle allows your mind to focus on an external problem to your brain.

Working on puzzles is also great for spending quality time with loved ones, which is excellent for relaxation. Additionally, if you've been prone to doom scrolling this year, puzzles help distract you from your phone.

Make Some Music


If you can play an instrument, you should consider turning to music to lift your mood. Music is a fantastic way to express yourself creatively, and you may be able to get some of your feelings out through song.

Music also boosts morale, and even listening to it works for many people; that's why gym playlists exist. If you'd like to explore but don't play, try a new DJ software or make some beats with a bucket as a drum.

Try A Childhood Craft


Think of something you used to love doing as a child and try out that activity. You do not have to be ambitious and try to unlock new creative skills to participate in art therapy.

If finger painting was your favorite craft, then go for it. There are also coloring books for adults interested in that, or you can try something else like cookie decorating.