Billie Eilish Fans Slammed Twitter Users Who Body-Shamed The Singer

Oct 16, 2020
10:57 A.M.
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Body shaming has never been okay, and the internet isn’t afraid to let that be known. Trolls will think twice about attacking a woman for wearing a tank top after this week’s Twitter outrage.


Billie Eilish has always been vocal about her issue with body shaming. The pop star revealed this to be the reason for her baggy dress code in an ELLE interview when she was only 17 years old.

Like many women, Billie is hyper-aware that she could be subject to harsh opinions about her body. Although body-shaming is common, it doesn’t make it right, and Billie’s fans are not up for it at all.

The Body-Shaming Incident


Billie was recently photographed wearing a tank top and shorts in Los Angeles. A Twitter troll under the moniker @GameNosh decided to use this image of 18-year-old Billie to mock her physical appearance.

Billie usually wears oversized clothes that hide her body shape for this very reason. Thus, fans quickly noticed this negative comment and defended Billie for wearing a casual outfit like any 18 years old.

Fans Rush To Billie’s Defense


Twitter users did not let the troll get away with his offensive tweet and flooded his comments quickly. Fans clapped back at the mean spirited tweet with outrage, which led to a teachable viral moment for many.

Billie also seemed to address this vile tweet on her Instagram by posting a video on the topic. The video stressed that people need to normalize “real bodies” instead of criticizing regular women.

Celebrities Show Their Support


The nightmare was not over for the Twitter troll as his awful words caught the attention of celebrities. Kat Dennings tweeted her disapproval towards the incident and described as Billie “beautiful and normal.”

British singer Mae Muller also expressed her outrage by calling the body shamers “weirdos.” It is evident that the world is not impressed with this particular type of bullying, which needs to stop immediately.