Brilliant Horror Novels To Read This Spooky Season

Oct 21, 2020
07:15 A.M.
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It's officially time to get into the spooky spirit and fully immerse ourselves into the scary season. Everything we consume should be Halloween themed starting from today, even our reading.


There's nothing better than getting cozy in a corner with a good book during the cold autumn season. Halloween season also makes these days especially more festive for avid novel lovers.

Horror films may send a chill down your spine, but there's something special about what novels can do. See our list of the perfect horror novels to read for a good old fashioned scare this Halloween season.

Fake Like Me By Barbra Bourland


This chilling tale follows an artist who goes on a retreat to recreate ger destroyed pieces of art. The retreat occurs at a late artist's home, where things start to become a bit strange for the protagonist.

As the story unfolds, we soon discover that the former owner haunts this retreat home.

Five Midnights By Ann Dávila Cardinal


An unlikely pair must get together to find a mass murderer who is making their rounds in Puerto Rico. If the protagonists don't solve the mysteries in time, their family and friends could be the next victims.

Petra's Ghost By C.S O'Cinneide


Daniel suffers from immeasurable grief when his wife dies, and he can't disclose the truth about her death. He carries her ashes on a journey where he meets another traveler who helps him with his grief.

The voyaging pair soon realize that they are not alone in their journey as a spooky spirit follows them. Daniel's mental health soon begins to deteriorate during a series of creepy events.

Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds By Gwenda Bond


This novel, based on the Netflix series, takes us inside the Hawkins Laboratory. Bond's book introduces us to Eleven's mother, Terry Ives, as she signs up for the MKUltra project.

The Invited By Jennifer McMahon


A couple's dream plot becomes a nightmare soon after they start building their new home on the property. The pair must deal with the effects of an old murder on the country's land to survive.

Here There Are Monsters By Amelinda Berube


Skye and her younger sister Deirdre grow apart after moving across the country. Although Skye seems to settle into her new life well, Deidre becomes more withdrawn until she goes missing.

It is clear to Skye that her sister is involved with some unknown dark forces. She then has to go on a journey to save her sister from the mysterious, wicked influences.

The Warlow Experiment By Alix Nathan


An experiment that tests the human psyche's limits goes wrong when a candidate is pushed too far. The story unfolds when a man has to spend and record seven years alone in a confined basement.

Wilder Girls By Rory Power


A group of teenage girls is left at an isolated boarding school after a deadly plague infects the town. One of the girls goes missing, leading her friend, Hetty, to look for her beyond the school's borders.

The Luminous Dead By Caitlin Starling


Gyre lies about her expertise to get a cave diving job that she thinks will be easy. Unfortunately, her new employer, Em, knows about Gyre's deception and uses this information against her.

Gyre's easy job turns into a high stakes mission that she did not sign up for. Her life is filled with danger and manipulation, and she is unsure how to get out.

Little Darlings By Melanie Golding

Lauren's newborn twin boys mysteriously return a month after their strange disappearance. This appearance is a miracle to most people, except Lauren, who is convinced that these twins are not her sons.

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