'Cloud Skin': The Latest Skincare Trend To Look Out For This Spring

Mar 09, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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Get ready for the new season with a fresh new look that's easy to achieve and Zoom-friendly. Cloud skin is the new trend to pay attention to.


A few years ago, the Korean beauty trend termed "glass skin" went mainstream and has continued to dominate over time. While we've enjoyed this trend all over our social media feeds and runways, we have a new, dreamy skincare trend to look forward to.

"Cloud skin" chucks out the whole wet and dewy skin trend that glass skin is based on and aims for a slightly more matte, cloudy look.

Cloud Skin


The idea of cloud skin is the intersection of makeup and skincare. Which is a trend we're seeing throughout the beauty industry with the increase of hybrid and multitasking products.

The overall look of the skin is matte but also somewhat glowy. The term "cloud skin" was coined by makeup artist Dominic Skinner.


The trend is coming at an opportune time with the move to "skinimalism" and the growth of the general interest in skincare.

Cloud Skin VS Other Skin Trends


The major difference between cloud skin and trends like glass skin, is a shift away from the intensely hydrated look. cloud skin looks like hazy, softly illuminated and and less "wet."

Not to be confused with the skincare trend "cloudless skin" which is a Kbeauty trend that came out a few years ago that's concerned with achieving flawless skin.


"It’s all about specifically placed powder, a touch of foundation and a facial oil to prime the skin," said Dominic. "The technique creates an impression of a cloud because there is matte powder and then moisture from the foundation, and the combination gives a softness. It's a sort of lightness and a fluffiness."

Skinner told "R29."

Achieving Skin Trends


As someone with oily skin, dewy skin is a trend that can easily turn to an extra shiny look instead of a cute glossy finish. With that, cloud skin isn't necessarily directed to a particular skin type.

There are three primary steps to achieving the heavenly look. Skinner told R29 that the trend is about "specifically placed powder, a touch of foundation and a facial oil to prime the skin."


Start with a hydrating oil or a dewy moisturizer to prep the skin. Skinner suggested MAC's Prep + Prime Essential Oil. You could also use Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Moisturizer.

The Next Step


The next step is to apply your foundation. You want your foundation to give off a kind of matte finish so you can get that cloudy effect. The dewy effect should essentially be toned down. To get the creamy, hazy look you can use a powder.

Lastly, apply a highlighter for a luminous look. Focus on the key areas like the high point of your cheeks, cupids bow, and the inner corner of your eyes.