Weekly Horoscope: Time To Express Yourself Without Hesitation

Here’s the weekly horoscope of December 28. Along with self-expression, check out what the stars have aligned for your life for today.

Today’s significant theme is expressing yourself, especially for those who have been holding onto unspoken words. Whether you choose confrontation or you choose to write down your thoughts, express yourself.

Tuesday, December 29 features a full moon in Cancer — a bookend for 2020 along with the January 10 lunar eclipse. No surprise, this kicked off this very Cancerian year of dealing with home and family in wildly unexpected ways.

With this moon, the big feelings of the past year might feel heavier than ever, but they can also illuminate the ways you’ve changed, the ways you’ve risen to all of love’s challenges. 


Express yourself, dear Aries. Now’s your time to speak those unspoken words and clear the air where it needs to be cleared. Now is also the ideal time for Aries in love to turn up the heat as the moon and Venus take up opposite positions.


You may be in the space to let your thoughts and imagination run free, but you may want to exercise some caution where money and loved ones are concerned. Though you are inherently caring, remember that sometimes, you need to draw the line. 


Right now, Venus is offering harmony, but you need to come to the party bearing the willingness to let go of grudges to bring about peace. Also, remember to trust your instincts today.


Dear Cancer, you’ve been quiet for some time now as if you’re being dissuaded from speaking. However, your thoughts, especially about work, are ready to be shared. You can start by writing them down if you prefer.


For the Leo in love, put away the distractions today and focus on you and your boo. For the Leo on the lookout for love, relax and let your heart show you the perfect match.


You may find new opportunities that take you on unexpected paths due to the streak of ambition in your chart. Be prepared, a financial opportunity could drop in your lap. This could be a gift from the Universe! The catch is, it’s easy to ignore. Take a break from text, email, or videos to look for this opportunity.


Sometimes you stay silent for a while that people around you forget that you have a wise word or two to share. Today you should say what you need to say but always exercise empathy and care in your comments. 


It appears that someone who you’ve had on your mind has you on their mind. If they reach out, listen with a sharp ear to what they say, and if they don’t, are you prepared to make the first move?


Dear Sag, today is a good day to do a bit of clearing out. Have a good rest and eat well. It may help you get out of your rut. The full moon in Cancer lights up your house of home on Wednesday, December 30. Your subconscious is processing some of your fears, so things look more dire than they really are.


After all that’s happened, you can still end this year with love. Direct that vibrant energy you’ve got today into something positive. If someone close to you needs you today, be open to hearing them out.  


Pay close attention to your thoughts and your mood today. Don’t pay too much mind to other peoples’ lives and how they compare to yours. It’s taken some time to find your place in it. But this week, you can know who you are and what you value. 


You may be asked to play a role that your not quite accustomed to. Take some time today to think about such pressures on you. You may not need the answer immediately, but it may be more transparent in the coming months.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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