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Demi Lovato Explores The Possibility Of Adoption


April 01, 2021

Demi Lovato has always been an open book, and she is packing on the chapters lately. The actress and singer opened up about the possibilities of being a parent for the first time recently. 

Demi Lovato has always been honest with her fans and the media, and she is taking that to another level. For the first time, Demi is openly speaking about the possibilities of her becoming a mother one day. 

Demi appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast over the weekend, where she spilled the details. Read further to find out more about Demi Lovato’s parenthood plans and why she is highly considering adoption. 

Make No Plans 

Demi Lovato has been through a fair share of trauma in her life, which comes with some lessons. Demi has learned that things do not always go according to plan in life over the years. 

Lovato has accepted that things may not pan out the way she wants, which determines her view on parenthood. She reveals that she doesn’t know what will happen for sure when it comes to having children. 

“Life doesn’t go according to any plan. So, I could sit here and say, ‘Yes, I would love to have children.’ But I don’t know, because that might change next week,”

Says Demi Lovato

In the same breath, she reveals that her engagement made her think she would be pregnant by now. Demi confesses that her engagement with a man gave her a false sense of security regarding parenthood. 

Not Getting Pregnant

Demi also admits that she cannot see herself naturally getting pregnant because of her sexuality. She recently revealed that she is queer in an interview with Glamour magazine and is still exploring her sexuality. 

“I can’t really see myself even getting pregnant. I don’t know. I’m so fluid now, and a part of the reason why I am so fluid is because I was super closeted off.”

Says Demi Lovato

In the podcast, she reveals that she is pansexual and allows herself to explore with other genders. Demi also recently expressed that she was relieved to end her engagement and finally live her truth. 

Considering Adoption


Although Demi doesn’t see herself getting pregnant, she still thinks it’s possible to be a parent one day. While speaking about changing plans and pregnancy, she reveals that she would prefer to adopt a child. 

“I think in this moment, I want to adopt, for sure.”

Says Demi Lovato

Whether it’s because she can’t see herself getting pregnant or for other reasons, adoption would be a fantastic choice. Whatever she decides, we are confident it will be the ideal choice for her at the time.