Discover The Ed Sheeran Song You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Jul 01, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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Are you obsessed with both astrology and music? Have you ever identified with a particular genre or track because it just "sounds right?" It turns out your star sign can earn you a personalized song dedication meant solely for you.


If you're a fan of authentic, feel-good music, chances are you're already familiar with Ed Sheeran. The 30-year-old British singer-songwriter has entertained us for almost a decade, picking genres like pop, hip hop, and folk-pop to touch our souls.

Admittedly enough, this red-head guy has a song for every feeling. His music just hits home, whether you're sad, happy, in love, or falling out of love. If you've ever felt attracted to a particular Sheeran song, the answer might lie in your star sign.

Aries - Shape Of You

Aries, it isn't random if you've always felt inclined to this song. Something about its beat and Sheeran's music expertise gets to you, triggering you to put your party hat on. We aren't blaming you at all because we feel the same way.


Taurus - Galway Girl

Taurus, Galway girls, and perfect nights don't last forever. Regardless, you still like to try because it's in your nature to keep going. And while we appreciate that you're head-strong and determined, be careful with your heart, old friend!

Gemini - Supermarket Flowers


Gemini, you're always after finding beauty and discovering more about life. This is one reason why Supermarket Flowers can be your sweet jam. It smells of love and familial bonds, showcasing Sheeran's mom's love for his granny. Adorable much?

Cancer - Tenerife Sea

Cancer, this classic tune will strike all the love chords in your heart. So if you're truly, madly, deeply in love with someone or hope to be in the future, give in to this tune. We're optimistic that you'll be able to relate to these lyrics: "Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need."

Leo - I See Fire


Leo, there's a reason why your element is fire because it fuels your passion and makes you who you are. Believe it or not, Sheeran understands your true calling, and this song is all the proof you need. So now make it your summer jam already!

Virgo - Photograph


Virgo, sometimes it can help to sit back and contemplate with a relatable tune in the background. Inspired by Sheeran's personal experience of a long-distance relationship, this song will spark nostalgia and wistfulness, triggering your sensitive side.

Libra - Perfect

Libra, you're forever conflicted because of your love for balance and things too good to be true. The hopeless romantic in you will love how "perfect" this song is. Better yet, you might even end up fantasizing about your own fairytale romance.

Scorpio - Give Me Love


Scorpio, you yearn to love and be loved in return more than anything else. If you've felt the pain of unrequited love to the point of heartache, then you'll understand what this song is all about. Just look at how heart-wrenching these lyrics are:

Sagittarius - Happier


Sagittarius, your adventurous spirit can never be tamed unless, of course, you've been in love. Nothing hurts more than seeing your ex find their happiness with someone else. But like Sheeran, you try your best to be happier for them. Aren't you a brave warrior?

Capricorn - Kiss Me

Capricorn, you like to take your time to get to know people. However, you either love passionately or not at all. Kiss Me is an iconic tune that showcases intense love and the need to be close to your partner. It's beautiful in every way.

Aquarius - I Don't Care


Aquarius, you weren't made to fit in, dear friend; you were born to shine! And if you've ever felt like you didn't belong in a setting, Sheeran knows how it feels. Even better, Justin Bieber knows what it's like, and so do we. So that makes the four of us.

Pisces - Thinking Out Loud

Pisces, "people fall in love in mysterious ways," and you're one of them. You might not always say how you feel, but you like to think out loud, and it's all over your face. Aren't you quite the complicated/cute lover?