Embarrassing Red Carpet Makeup Fails That Could Have Been Avoided

Jun 16, 2020
11:59 A.M.
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Red carpets are reserved for the best of the best. It is the place where fans see their favorite stars go all out to make a statement.


Unfortunately, sometimes the effort is ruined by a wardrobe malfunction or makeup fail because not even Hollywood's finest can be perfect all the time. Here are some of the most embarrassing red carpet makeup fails over the years.

1. Kelly Osbourne

Getty Images

Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne has had her fair share of hair and makeup fails and wins over the years. However, her daring personality didn't prepare her for the possibility of looking yellow.


The star attended the 2012 Audi event wearing a foundation that was the wrong shade for her skin tone. Unfortunately, this resulted in her looking unnaturally jaundiced and paired with her pink lipstick left the star looking a little sick.

2. Tyra Bank

Getty Images

Getty Images

Tyra Banks is known for always looking flawlessly stunning but even supermodels slip up sometimes. The renowned model attended the 2012 Moth Ball with stunning chandelier earrings and a dress to die for.


Unfortunately, her makeup was a massive flop. The attempted smokey eye looked overdone and messy making the star appear as though she has no eyebrows. The added bright pink lipstick results in a very odd combination.

3. Nicki Minaj

Getty Images

Getty Images

Nicki Minaj is the ultimate queen of bold statement looks on the red carpet. Her two-toned hair at the American Music Awards nominations in 2011 was absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately, her look was destroyed by the terrible makeup failure that plagued her on the night. The star sported a badly blended highlight and contour that resulted in harsh lines around her nose and face.


4. Kylie Jenner

Getty Images

Getty Images

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has made a name for herself as a makeup mogul. However, even she can't escape the occasional slip-up.

Way back in March 2015, Kylie Jenner attended the Nip+Fab launch in London. She looked amazing until the camera flashes at a certain angle caught the makeup on her chest. Makeup artist Rob Scheppy had used bronzer to contour the young star's chest but had not blended the makeup enough and it showed up on camera as a streaky mess.

5. Taraji P. Henson

Getty Images

Getty Images

At the Hollywood Awards Gala in 2009, Taraji P. Henson looked stunning until she hit the red carpet. The flash of the cameras showed a glaring makeup mishap that could have been avoided if her makeup artist had taken the possibility of flashback into consideration when applying her concealer.

Instead, the star's under eyes showed up bright white in pictures leaving the star with a sickly look and detracting from the rest of her look. A good tip to avoid this from happening on darker skin tones is to use a warm, peachy concealer and set it with a lighter powder that has a bit of color to it instead of translucent powder.

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