Euphoria Inspired Halloween Costumes That Promise To Wow!

Oct 13, 2020
02:16 A.M.
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Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone has been planning their outfits for months. Some of us like the last-minute drama to give us an adrenaline rush and the challenge starts now.


Euphoria is a moment that gave pop culture a major reset by the time the last episode aired on HBO. The show changed the way we approach beauty and fashion in ways no other show has done before.

It is only fair that this year’s Halloween costumes take a full swing at Euphoria inspired looks. Bring out all your neon items and glittery makeup to try out one of the hit HBO show influenced outfits below:

Maddie’s Rhinestone Prom Look


If you are the queen of sparkles in your friendship group, then you will love this Halloween outfit. Grab rhinestone embellished chainmail set from literally any trendy store to put this costume together.

Finish the look off with a high ponytail, some dangly earrings, and a mesh rhinestone veil. You know you have to go big or go home to match Maddie’s cool with shimmering eye makeup as well!

True Romance Cassie


Cassie’s True Romance inspired Halloween outfit is so on-trend and easy to put together. The bra, boots, and cow print mini will all come in handy even after the holiday festivities.

You may need to do some extra digging to find the best fitting wig and accessories to complete this one. Finding everything else should be a breeze.

Super Chic Dominatrix Kat


Kat’s fashion transformation is amongst the best in the series. Her collection of micro sunglasses, vinyl mini skirts, and chain detail accessories is to die for.

Being a fashionista is not easy, but it would be great to try it for a day. The pitch-black bob haircut may grow on you and inspire a fashion evolution of your own.

Jules’s Everyday Tinsel Lash Look


Nobody does bold eye makeup so effortlessly and casually like Jules. Any of her bright neon or glittery rhinestone looks are Halloween worthy, but these tinsel lashes are great if you want to try something new.

You can pair these lashes with any outfit, and you’ll stand out from the crowd. Look for a sheer blouse and a few chokers if you’d like to stay true to the original Jules ensemble.

Rue’s Signature Disheveled Sweatshirt Ensemble


If you’re not much of a costume person or happen to get dragged out on Halloween night, this is for you. All you have to do is throw on a red or maroon sweatshirt and some sweatpants, and you’re done.

Smudge your mascara to make it look three days old to immerse yourself in character. Don’t forget to grease up your hair with some hair oils for the night for the perfect cherry on top.