Everything You Need To Know About Journaling Before You Start

Oct 29, 2020
03:40 P.M.
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A little practice in how to get your mind right through writing. An under-rated, vital self-care practice.


In today’s context, journaling can genuinely help as a considerable majority of American adults have reported dealing with emotional distress due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Not to mention everything else that’s happened in recent months.

For a long time, mental health experts have heralded journaling. Journaling has shown positive results in dealing with stress and is a helpful tool in managing anxiety and depression.

Journaling For Self-Care


Putting your thoughts down in a journal is an all-around great habit to adopt. In addition to the mental health benefits, journaling can be a practice in mindfulness and presence and a healthy way to take care of yourself.

People who journal often account that writing down their thoughts helps to calm the mind. That’s because many of us tend to avoid complicated or even difficult thoughts and feelings, which ultimately impacts us in ways that we may not immediately recognize.

Make Your Journal Yours


Maybe the first image that popped up in your mind about journaling is that glittery, feathery, fluffy pen and notebook beside some miscellaneous aesthetical pieces that have nothing to do with anything but pictorial composition. And if that is your vibe, then go ahead, but really, your journal can look like whatever you want.

There are no rules when it comes to journaling. Personalizing your journaling experience can make it easier and more convenient to stick with it.

Go Free Form Or Follow The Rules


Whatever works for you is what you should. Start with a word a day if that how you want to start.

However, it can be strange to begin writing with no starting point or anchoring idea, so as an alternative, you could try some specific journal prompts. This can help you channel your thoughts and focus on one main idea and move accordingly from there.

Keep An Emotional Map


The significance of being able to journal just for you is powerful. It’s a part of your history that you can revisit- a map of how you navigated difficult times or good times because life is a journey like that.

And if you try journaling and find that it isn’t for you, stop. Maybe you start again when you’re feeling differently. Maybe you never do it again.