Exploring Common Dreams & Their Reported Meanings

Human beings all have a couple of things in common no matter their age, race, class, or gender. Although we all lead different realities, we all need to sleep for a fair amount of time in our lives. 

Sleep is an everyday activity amongst all humans; without it, one cannot survive. While we sleep, many of us experience dreams, and those who don’t have dreamt at least once in their lives. 

Some dreams are common amongst most people who’ve experienced different walks of life. Let’s take a look at some of the most common dreams and what some experts interpret. 

Just A Regular Day

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Although dreams can be quite bizarre sometimes, this is not always the case when one goes to sleep. A lot of dreams are very mundane and have very forgettable or ‘everyday’ experiences play out. 

Many have dreamt of themselves going by their everyday routines, which is an example of ‘day residue.’ Psychologist Dr. William Braun explains that this dream may be the brain referencing events from the day. 

A Celebrity Cameo

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Although it may be exciting to think that a celebrity cameo is a sign from the universe, it probably isn’t. Dreams about hanging out with a celebrity or famous person mostly have to do with your subconscious

It’s possible that you recently saw a movie, story, heard a song by the star which put them in your mind. This dream is more common if the content of their work, recent reports, or persona relates to you. 

An Unfaithful Partner

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Before you put yourself in a stressful position, please note that all dreams are not prophecies (thankfully). A lot of people dream about unfaithful partners, which certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg explores. 

“It could be a job, golf, friends, a new baby… something is causing you to feel cheated out of that time and attention.”

Says Lauri Loewenberg

You’re Running Late

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This dream may have you feeling like the frantic White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. The event you are going to in the dream is significant, and you are running late, causing a panic in your sleep. 

Experts suggest that this dream is pretty self-explanatory if you’re continually trying to meet deadlines. The deadlines can include your workplace or even personal deadlines like weight loss goals. 


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One should not expect a baby when they wake up from this dream, but they can expect something new. Lauri Loewenberg presents that this dream reflects something you are developing or working on. 

Many women who are in the process of building something new have this dream. The developments can range from getting a new degree to nurturing a new relationship. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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