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Exploring Essential Oils That Help With Sleep


July 20, 2021

Fragrances have an extraordinary effect on the body. You perceive a specific aroma, and suddenly the smell catapults you back into the past. You relive the moment and even feel the childlike excitement because something smells just like the cookies from before.

Fragrances develop this effect subconsciously - that is, one cannot control the body's reaction. This is how essential oils work too. They activate the olfactory center in the brain and therefore continue to work at night while you sleep.

For this reason, certain fragrances are perfect against sleep problems, as they exude their calming effect throughout the night and ensure deep sleep. Falling asleep can be easy thanks to the soothing and relaxing aromas of the suitable essential oils, which turn your bedroom into a peaceful oasis of calm.


Everyone knows the calming effect of lavender. Anyone who has a stressful everyday life can switch off with this essential oil. It helps against nervous restlessness, which often robs you of sleep.


Turn your nightly routine into a moment of calm and focus by using the essential oil of frankincense. Complex and woody, frankincense is one of the best essential oils available for creating a peaceful and meditative space.


Neroli oil is probably the right thing for people who are nervous about not falling asleep. The essence, mostly known as orange blossom oil, has a mood-enhancing effect, calms some people's nerves, and promotes sleep.


Valerian is one of the classics among the herbal sleeping pills: The calming and balancing effect of essential valerian oil can help particularly well with sleep disorders triggered by everyday stress and nervousness.


Vetiver is a grass plant. The oil from the grass is supposed to earth - and thus work against sleep disorders, fears, nervousness, and depression. At the same time, the essential oil is said to stimulate the regeneration of the body so that you wake up refreshed.


Yes, the evening beer is also a popular means of relaxation for a reason. But it becomes healthier when the hops unfold their effect as an essential oil. Then the scent especially helps you to fall asleep. You can also alleviate stress-related headaches with hops.



Sandalwood helps you to relax and dampen your fears. In addition, the scent can help very nervous people to go through more NREM phases during sleep - thereby improving the nightly recovery of the body and psyche.

The aromatherapy use of sandalwood in the bedroom is well suited for people who cannot sleep well because of all the stress and feel exhausted in the morning.