Exploring Haeckels' New Grown-To-Order Skincare

May 19, 2021
08:00 A.M.
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Nowadays, the skin's quality, brightness, and texture play a fundamental role in expressing how you feel and how you show yourself to the world. A skin firm, relaxed, looking rested, with a light texture and a fresh look, is what everyone always dreams of having.


Our hectic, stressful lifestyle, constantly exposed to urban pollution, puts a strain on our skin every day. In addition, over the years, aging also plays a vital role in the quality of the skin. As a result, this no longer reflects the energy and age you really feel.

In recent times, beauty and wellness brand, Haeckels, launched a waste-free, custom-grown eye mask to reshape the future of sustainable beauty.

About Haeckels' Bio Restore Membrane Eye Masks


The formula of Bio Restore Membrane Eye Masks is derived from the ocean to help plump and hydrate the surface of the skin around the eyes. To create the product, Haeckels cultivates agar internally, extracting it from the cell walls of algae to make membrane material.

Once ordered, the agar is cultivated for three weeks and infused with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, and cucumber. The process is one by which customers can follow through weekly updates from the team by email.


After the agar is grown and cut into shape, customers add water to eye masks at home to activate the ingredients. The customer then places the masks under each eye for a 10-minute treatment. The result is a fully compostable, waste-free product that biodegrades naturally.

With the beauty industry increasingly scrutinized for its packaging and production methods, brands such as Haeckels show how they can implement the principles of bio-positive beauty into business strategies. With their made-to-order system, the brand ensures that nothing is created that they will not use.

About Haeckels


Founded in 2012 by Dom Bridges (then a volunteer beach keeper), under the strong push of his wife Jo, Haeckels becomes a natural creative laboratory among seaweed and local botanical products collected directly by Dom on the beach of Margate.

The laboratory passion and the extreme attention to care, respect, and protection of the coasts and the ocean, have led Haeckels to become a sensitive and increasingly growing reality.


From the experiments in the kitchen, where "every pot was starting to 'smell' like a skincare product" to the creation of professional, natural cosmetics with ingredients in perfect harmony with the eye, the brand has committed to care for the ocean.

And this is how Haeckels works: his team takes care of every small but necessary facet of the shop (design, formulation, realization, photography, etc.) but does not hold back when it comes to protecting not only its own ocean but all the oceans of the world.


Not surprisingly, inside the shop, the second floor is dedicated to the spa with treatments based on algae. The products are contained in packs reminiscent of those in pharmacies of the early twentieth century. The products range from moisturizing oil for the beard to exfoliating for the body and face.

Haeckels also invites its customers to take a photo of their collected waste and post it on Instagram. Using a particular hashtag (#HaeckelsBeachClean), allows them to immediately receive a 40% discount when purchasing a new product at full price.