Exploring The Benefits Of Cutting Down Refined Sugar In Your Diet

Sugar is bad for you, something we’ve heard time and time again. Most of it is just because of weight loss, but there are loads of reasons why you shouldn’t be consuming sugar!

Trying to cut down on sugar in your diet can be challenging, especially when a sweet tooth rules your life! But there are better alternatives to having refined sugar, like all those fruits you neglect in your fruit bowl!

You’ve heard of weight loss success stories but cutting sugar out of your diet is good for you in more ways than just your weight! Even though you might go through a sugar withdrawal period and try to go back, here are some reasons to sway you to quit!

Effects on your brain


Cutting refined sugar from your diet is going to be difficult; it’s in almost everything we eat. So unless you physically make your own sauces, you need to stay away from them!

Your body will adjust to using your food and fiber as a source of energy. Your mood will improve because you won’t be dealing with energy crashes very often, and that will leave you with a sense of clarity that you haven’t had before.

Your body uses insulin to regulate your sleep patterns. Without refined sugars, you might not have as much trouble falling asleep!



Refined sugars can slow down your collagen repair, and without collagen, your skin can’t stay looking plump! Scrapping refined sugars from your diet will leave your skin less saggy, and it can even reduce signs of aging, so you can save on expensive serums!

Clearer complexion


Processed sugars from candy and chocolate can contribute to acne breakouts because of an insulin spike. Cutting refined sugars will leave your skin with less inflammation and improve your complexion, which might beat those pesky breakouts!

Energy boost


You might find yourself craving fewer snacks and sugary foods because your body no longer requires sugar as its primary energy source. Diets high in protein and fiber will leave you with lasting energy throughout the day because your sources aren’t as quickly depleted as sugar!

Overall health benefits


One of the most critical parts of cutting refined sugar from your diet is that you’ll reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes and heart disease! Refined sugar increases your cholesterol, and when you scrap it from your diet, your cholesterol levels can return to normal.

No more visits to the dentist


Sugar contributes to tooth decay, so you’ll find yourself ridden with cavities that can make it painful to eat. Without sugars, provided you take good care of your teeth, you might find yourself visiting your dentist fewer times a year unless it’s for a cleaning!

Weight loss 


You might even find yourself dropping pounds because the sugar drives up your insulin which encourages your fat cells to store the calories! Along with kicking the craving and an energy boost, you’ll start dropping the excess weight you couldn’t seem to kick!

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why we should cut sugar from our diet! It’s a challenging process to go through, and it means cutting a significant amount of food out of our diet, but it seems worth it in the long run!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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