Exploring The Benefits Of Talking To Yourself

Whether it’s having a full-on conversation or just narrating the things you’re doing, talking to yourself is really common. But not only is it something most of us end up doing, but it’s also really helpful!

It might get the odd stare in public or even the odd remark when you do it, but talking to yourself isn’t as uncommon or strange as you might think. So don’t worry, you’re not as crazy as you might feel!

Talking to yourself or just saying your thoughts aloud is quite beneficial to your mental and physical health! Here are the many ways talking to yourself helps you out!

1. Gives You An Objective Perspective


Talking to yourself can help give you an objective perspective, especially when we’re talking ourselves through tasks. It can help boost your confidence when trying something new!

Talking to yourself can also help you to get through tasks you don’t like doing. Talking yourself through it changes your perspective and makes it seem a lot better than it is!

2. It Can Help You Find Things


Have you ever found that saying what you’re looking for helps you find it better? Well, it’s true!

The study suggests that it might be easier for you to find things because you’re reminded of the object, making it easier to spot when you’re looking for it!

3. Helps Organize Your Thoughts


If your mind is way too busy, it makes focusing on certain things a bit difficult. Talking to yourself can help organize your thoughts to focus on the more important tasks making it easier to get through!

4. Improves Your Problem Solving Skills


Talking about your problems can help you figure out solutions. But when you’re talking to yourself and explaining the way things work, you might get an idea of how to solve any of your problems!

And when your problems are rooted in confidence, talking to yourself can help prepare in advance. That’ll make you more confident when facing situations.

5. It Gets You Motivated

Sometimes all you need is a bit of motivation to get through something, and who better to motivate you than yourself! But it’s more helpful when speaking to yourself in the third person as if you were talking to a friend.

All you need is a bit of encouragement to get you through life’s many difficulties. And if you’ve got your back, you need no one else, so chat yourself up all the way to confidence!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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