Exploring The Benefits Of Using Silk Hair Ties

Apr 11, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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The Kardashians love it, the models love it, and if you are thinking about it, you should probably get it. We are talking silk. More specifically, silk ties. Why silk, though, you ask. Well, if they are getting rave reviews for boosting your skincare, imagine what it can do to your hair?


Yup. Silk is the It-Girl of the moment. Therefore, if you are cautious about buying into the hype, you may want to change your mind. Silk ties impart a ton more benefits; thus, they are way more than cute little gimmicks.

However, they don’t come cheap. One silk hair tie can set you back $6, so we understand if you balk at the price. Elastic hair ties are like ten times cheaper and come in bulk. However, before you completely trash the idea of silk ties, let’s have a look at the benefits of using one.

No Snags


If you are anything like us, chances are that you have been using elastic hair ties for a little over, don’t know… maybe your whole life. However, let’s get real; you know it’s not working for you.

Well, for one, you know they constantly snag, and two, you know all those snags are painful. With silk ties, expect the buttery smooth feel of the silk adapts to your strands. This is because silk does not tangle locks on removal. So it’s perfect for every hair type.

No Crease


Don’t you just hate it when you’ve wanted to hold your hair back for just a moment, but your elastic tie leaves it with dents? Therefore, on removing your tie, you end up looking more Cruella Deville under electric shock and less well polished.

If this relatable hair problem happens to you, silk ties are here to wipe the pain away. The ease of silk leaves no impression on your hair; therefore, when the wind finally blows in your direction as you slip off your silky hair tie, you may want to grab a pic or two.

Excellent for Maintaining Styles


On the topic of creasing and denting, dented hair can ruin a hairstyle. Therefore, if you want to maintain your style, use silk hair ties. You don’t even have to shake your hair out after using the ties. They just slip out.

No Breakage


You know how elastic hair ties are a pain when it comes to removing them. Pain does not necessarily equate gain in this case. Those pesky snags are causing breakage to your hair through snaps.

Moreover, those snags are the reason your hair is ending up with more frizz than usual. This is because the snaps tamper with your delicate hair strands and rip them. Silk ties are much gentler as they slip over the strands and protect them rather than harm them.