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Exploring The Best Ways To Fix A Broken Nail At Home


April 06, 2021

Long nails can be brittle for a variety of reasons. One wrong move, the nail breaks, and the pretty manicure are undone. Not only can this be painful, but it is also unsightly and impractical. The first thing that comes to mind for women to fix a broken nail is to use a nail clipper to repair the damaged part.

The broken nail can get caught anywhere and is even more painful if you do not have a dressing kit on hand. But do not panic because there are very accessible solutions to seal the crack.

Yes, you can maintain the beauty of your hands and nails, as these tips and tricks will help you keep the long nails you love. You can even apply your favorite nail polish as if nothing had happened!

Tea Bag Or Coffee Filter

Get a piece of disposable tea bag or coffee filter, nail file, a clear hardener varnish, a colored varnish, and a topcoat. Cut a small part of the tea bag or coffee filter the same length and width as the break. Apply your hardening varnish to the broken nail and place the piece of paper on it, adjusting it correctly on the damaged area. 

Press to adhere the homemade dressing to the nail. Then reapply a coat of varnish. About twenty minutes later, file the paper if it sticks out, then apply your hardening varnish again. Let it dry and cover it with your favorite varnish and finish with a layer of topcoat. 

Cut And File The Nail

If your break is more severe than superficial, consider disinfecting and stopping the bleeding by pressing the wound with sterile gauze first. Then, cut your nail as low as possible to avoid another unfortunate snagging. Then file that nail down to make it as clean as possible.

But still, to relieve yourself, you can immerse your nail in a cold water bath for twenty minutes and then make a hot salt water bath for the same duration. It is advisable to repeat this operation the first few days to avoid all possible infections. After these baths, wrap your nail in a special finger bandage until your nail has been completely repaired.

Nail Glue


Before deciding to use glue on your damaged nail, soften the nail glue by dipping it in hot water. Use a toothpick to introduce the glue to the broken nail. Don't forget to spread the glue afterward! 

If you don't have nail glue nearby, you can use strong glue (but be careful not to get it all over!). Finally, apply a coat of varnish. This tip requires a little care because you have to be precise, but the result is particularly effective.